The Canadian Olympic Committee (“COC”) is a national, private, not-for-profit organization committed to high-performance sports excellence.  We are the largest private supporter of high-performance sport in Canada and our mission is to lead the achievement of the Canadian Olympic Team’s podium success and to advance the Olympic values in Canada.

Our goal is to “Be Olympic”, to be the best at what we do, provide the best support for our athletes and sport community, be the best partner, and be the best National Olympic Committee. Sport has an incredible power, one that brings people together like nothing else. It has the power to change the world, unite and inspire. It is a powerful tool on so many levels – for us as individuals but also as leaders.

The COC is looking for interested, qualified candidates that embody these values and share our passion for the power of sport to help lead the organization in the following roles:

  • Board of Directors (8 positions – 6 positions for a 4-year term and 2 positions for a 2-year term)
  • President (1 position)
  • General Member – Class B (6 positions)
  • Olympic Supporter (up to 125 positions)

Please see Appendix A for further descriptions and the nomination process for each of these roles.

The COC is committed to diverse representation and to including voices that are reflective of Canadian society and of our sport community. We encourage candidates to indicate (voluntarily) on their application if they associate with a representative group. Consideration will also be made with respect to summer/winter sports and geographical location.

The Nominating Committee especially welcomes nominations from those who can strengthen the COC’s representation in the following areas of skills and expertise:

  • Current Professional Accounting or Financial Designation
  • Risk/Crisis Management
  • Government Advocacy
  • International Sport or Business Relations and Diplomacy
  • Human Resources

Persons interested in being considered for one of the aforementioned roles should complete the Nomination Form and attach a brief résumé. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 5 PM EST.  (Please download the Nomination Form to your computer BEFORE completing it in order to save your application details)

Please return the application form and a copy of your résumé to:

David Shoemaker
Chief Executive Officer and Secretary General
Canadian Olympic Committee
250 Yonge Street, 30th Floor
Toronto, ON, M5B 2L7
e-mail   shoemakerd@olympic.ca

Any applicant standing for re-election should summarize their individual contributions to the COC in their last term together with a statement describing their objectives for the next term should they be re-elected.

Any nomination not confirmed by the COC as having been received will be deemed not to have been received.  Accordingly, please ensure you have clearly designated your email address on your nomination and received confirmation of receipt for the nomination you submit.

Please contact Marianne Bolhuis (mbolhuis@olympic.ca) if you have questions.

Please note that all current Olympic Supporters’ terms will be expiring in April 2021, and the following Directors’ and Class B Members’ terms will be expiring in April 2021:

Directors Class B Members
Therese Brisson Fred Blaney
Chris Clark David de Vlieger
Marie-Huguette Cormier Debra Gassewitz
Maureen Kempston-Darkes Benoit Girardin
Hubert Lacroix Wendy Pattenden
Peter Lawless Sherry Robertson
Karen Rubin
Mark Tewksbury

Any current Olympic Supporter who is interested in being considered for re-appointment for the 2021-2024 quadrennial, or any Director or Class B Member whose term is expiring and is interested in being considered for re-election, is required to submit an application and follow the same process as all other applicants.


2021 Call for Nominations – Calendar of Key Dates

  Process: Date:
1. Call for Nominations Issued Friday November 6, 2020
2. Deadline for Nominations Wednesday, November 25, 2020
3. Board Approval of Recommended List and Second List of Director Nominees and List of Recommended Class B Members On or before January 31, 2021
4. Announcement of the Recommended List and Second List for Board, Recommended List for Class B and Invitation to Members for Additional Nominations On or before February 5, 2021
5. Additional Nominations Delivered to COC by Members for Directors and Class B Members On or about Friday, February 12, 2021
6. Final Recommended List and Second List of Director Nominees provided to Members On or before Thursday March 11, 2021
7. Final List of Class B Nominations Delivered to Members In Session Materials (at least 30 days prior to Session)
8. Election at COC Session April 2021