Moment of paws: Canadian sports pets is currently featuring a series exploring sports fans.

Happy Halloween everybody! Who is dressing up as their favourite athlete or going as a fan of their team?

This may sound kind of weird, but people aren’t the only sports fans out there. Animals also love to support their team (usually the same as their owner’s team).

From dogs and cats to pigs and mice, any pet can be a sports fan, you just have to convince them. If you have ever put a shirt or costume on your pet, then you probably found out how much they love it (or absolutely hate it), but how else are they going to cheer on the team?

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In honour of Halloween, here are some pets dressed up to support their favourite Canadian sports teams:

Team Canada

Toronto Maple Leafs

Montreal Canadiens

More Habs pets:

Ottawa Senators

More Sens pets:

Vancouver Canucks

Calgary Flames

Edmonton Oilers

Winnipeg Jets

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Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Raptors



Like many Canadians, apparently pets aren’t enthused enough about the MLS yet to show their support.

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