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The Canadian Olympic Committee ‘Session’ consists of a representative of each National Sport Federation governing a sport on the official programs of the Olympic, Olympic Winter, or Pan American Games; the IOC Members in Canada; the members of the Athletes’ Commission Executive; a Coaches representative; the Chair of the Canadian Olympic Foundation; the International Federation Presidents resident in Canada; twelve Directors-at-large; and two Canadian Olympians.

Class A Members – Olympic NSOs

Aaron Bull – Archery Canada

Adham Sharara – Canadian Table Tennis Association

Alex Gough – Canadian Luge Association

Bernard Petiot – Gymnastics Canada

Blair Carbert – Speed Skating Canada

Carol Purcer – Rowing Canada

Casey Wade – Canoe Kayak Canada

Christiane Marceau – Climbing Canada 

Craig Vokey – Karate Canada

Craig Walker – Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie

David Harris – Taekwondo Canada

David Lee – Canadian Team Handball Federation

Debra Armstrong – Skate Canada

Dustin Heise – Canada Snowboard

Eva Havaris – Tennis Canada

Florence Klein – Canada Artistic Swimming

Gordon Peterson – Diving Canada

Hagan McCreath – Skateboard Canada

Helen Manning – Athletics Canada

Hugh McGugan – Sail Canada

Jasmine Northcott – Shooting Federation of Canada

Jason Dickson– Baseball Canada

Jim Woolsey – Nordic Combined Canada

Jordan Bridal – Badminton Canada

Katherine Henderson – Canadian Curling Association

Kathleen Dawson – Water Polo Canada

Laurence Applebaum – Golf Canada

Mark Eckert – Volleyball Canada

Mary C. Lyne – Swimming Canada

Mathieu Chamberland – Canada Soccer

Matthew Jeffries – Cycling Canada

Meg Krueger – Equestrian Canada

Michael Bartlett– Canada Basketball

Michael Bodnarchuk – Ski Jumping Canada

Mike Walker – Biathlon Canada

Nathan Bombrys – Rugby Canada

Nicolas Gill – Judo Canada

Pat McLaughlin – Hockey Canada

Peter Judge – Canadian Freestyle Ski Association

Peter Lawless – Surf Canada

Peter McCrory – Triathlon Canada

Rod Stavely – Pentathlon Canada

Russ Pawlyk – Wrestling Canada

Ryan O’Shea – Canadian Amateur Boxing Association

Sandra Brittain – Canada DanceSport

Scott Neiles – Softball Canada

Stéphane Barrette – Nordiq Canada

Susan Ahrens – Field Hockey Canada

Tara McNeil – Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton

Therese Brisson – Alpine Canada

Yann Bernard – Canadian Fencing Federation

Class B Members – General Members

Brad Baker – Olympic Supporter

Catherine Innes – Canadian Tenpin Federation, PanAmerican NSO

Charmaine Crooks – OLY Commission

Chris Clark – Board of Directors

Claire Carver-Dias – OLY Commission

David de Vlieger – Board of Directors

Gwen Smoluk – Racquetball Canada, PanAmerican NSO

Hubert Lacroix – Board of Directors

Ian Clarke – Board of Directors

Jaqui Parchment – Board of Directors

Karen Rubin – Board of Directors

Leanna Caron – Olympic Supporter

Linda Cuthbert – Olympic Supporter

Lori DeGraw – Board of Directors

Lorraine Lafrenière – Coaching Association of Canada

Marie-Huguette Cormier – Board of Directors

Mark Roberts – Squash Canada, PanAmerican NSO

Mark Tewksbury – Board of Directors

Moira Lassen – Olympic Supporter

Nazir Walji – Olympic Supporter

Perry Dellelce – Canadian Olympic Foundation

Peter Dinsdale – Board Member

Richard Koo – Olympic Supporter

Robin Brudner – Olympic Supporter

Russ Dickson – Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada, PanAmerican NSO

Ryan Beliveau – Roller Sports Canada, PanAmerican NSO

Saäd Rafi – Board of Directors

Seyi Smith – Olympic Supporter

Shannon Susko – Olympic Supporter

Stacey Allaster – Board of Directors

Teresa Resch – Olympic Supporter

Tim Powers – Olympic Supporter

Walter Sieber – Olympic Supporter

Class C Members – IOC Members

Richard W. Pound

Tricia Smith

Class D Members – COC Athletes’ Commission

Inaki Gomez

Kim Boutin

Martha McCabe

Maxwell Lattimer

Mercedes Nicoll

Phil Brown

Philippe Marquis

Rosie MacLennan

Jacqueline Simoneau