Venue Guide: Sugar Beach to become viewpoint for TO2015 sailing

Venue Guide is a series looking at the competition grounds for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

A swathe of white sand speckled with pink umbrellas makes up what Torontonians call ‘Sugar Beach’. Because it’s a beach, next to a sugar factory.


But seriously, what’s startlingly pleasant is the very resort-like area underneath the congestion and big-city stresses. Even if it isn’t very large. The urban reprieve will serve as the viewing area for sailing at the Pan American Games, and is totally free. No ticket required. There’s also a long tree-lined boardwalk, so plenty of space to catch the event, or some sun. And now you know where to go if you run out of sugar.

Here’s a 360-view from the edge of Sugar Beach

High-speed tour of Sugar Beach


Pan Am Fields