Odds and Ends: Moosestache the moose at TO2015

Meet Moosestache: a life-size moose that has been welcoming TO2015 athletes, volunteers and officials in the Pan Am Athletes’ Village.


The tradition to host a moose at the Games began in Vancouver 2010. The Canadians saw Team Great Britain had an awesome phone booth at the Beijing 2008 games. It was time for Canada to step it up. In the spirit of sports, the moose mascot was born and stands tall outside the Canadian residence in the Athletes’ Village.

This particular moose name was chosen by Canada’s water polo team as part of a contest. Moosestache was selected on July 10 before the Pan Am Opening Ceremony.

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Wait a second, what about Komak?

Komak 1340Moosestache lives solely in the Athletes’ Village during the Games, but Komak is Team Canada’s official mascot who joined the squad at the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

Did you know?

Moosestache has his own Twitter account: @CanadaRedMoose:

The moose family

Vancouver 2010 – SLIDDER & SWAGGER


Slidder & Swagger at the Vancouver 2010 athlete’s village

London 2012 – ANONYMOOSE


Anonymoose standing in front of the Canadian residence in the athletes’ village at the London 2012 Olympics

Moosestache’s social feed