Olympic flame lands in Brazil to begin torch relay

On Tuesday morning the Olympic flame touched down in Brasilia, the capital city of host nation for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

As one can imagine there was plenty of excitement surrounding the arrival of the flame. Here’s a taste of what went down from its travel to arrival:


The Olympic flame tweeting (because it does that) mid-flight from Athens to Brasilia.

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The flame was greeted by a variety of athletes and fans all ready to celebrate the start of the Brazilian torch relay.


The first torchbearer, volleyball player Fabiana Claudino (above and in feature image), taking the flame’s first steps in Brazil before other top Brazilian athletes got in on the fun, including football legend and 2002 FIFA World Cup winner Lucio.


Celebrations extended across the city of Brasilia to commemorate the occasion. The torch’s arrival marks the inaugural landing in South America ahead of the continent’s first Olympic Games.

What’s next?

If you’re wondering where the torch is headed next – as part of its 300-city tour – take a look at this video: