6 Team Canada mom stories that inspire

While athletes are in the spotlight during the Olympic Games, that singular moment is often the sum of total dedication, sacrifice and support from their parents, as highlighted by the P&G video above.

There are also times the athletes themselves are parents and their children are the only audience that matter. This mother’s day, here’s a look at six Team Canada mom stories that inspire us to say Thank You, Mom.

What do moms do? Well…

They keep us going

Moms can often motivate and push their kids forward even if they aren’t physically around. In Vancouver 2010, Joannie Rochette won Olympic bronze in women’s figure skating after receiving news that her mother passed away two days before competition. After the competition an emotional Rochette revealed how her mother’s memory inspired her.

They’re there for us at our highest and lowest

Life has its ups and downs and athletes are no stranger to the concept. After a string of wins, triathlete Paula Findlay got injured and decided to pull out of a major competition in her hometown, Edmonton. Her mom was right there for her through the whole process.

They inspire us

Moms serve as a source of inspiration. Decorated Olympic trampoline athlete Karen Cockburn worked vigorously to recover from an ankle injury for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, so her young daughter could see her perform. Cockburn went on to win bronze in the event.

They take care of us

Through thick and thin, moms do what they can to take care of those around them. Hurdler Nikkita Holder has balanced her training with responsibilities as a mother, putting her son first no matter the situation. Holder won bronze at TO2015, met the Olympic standard and will now look to qualify for Rio 2016 in July.

They teach us balance

Powerhouse moms teach us the value of balancing work and play. Krista DuChene makes moving between three children and an athletic career seem effortless. DuChene makes her passion for running a family affair while still enjoying the little perks of being a mother (those cookies look good!). DuChene reminds us that moms really can do it all.

They’re our biggest fan

Being an athlete wouldn’t be complete without having a large support system. Heather Gerrits is a full-time mom and full-time coach for her sons. From building moles and jumps in their backyard to promoting their events as they fly around the world, mother Gerrits goes the extra mile for her sons and the athletes around them.