National Puppy Day: Team Canada Edition

Warning: cuteness overload. Proceed with caution.

We’ve heard it’s National Puppy Day, a day to celebrate and encourage the adoption of puppies around the world. So we’ve compiled some of the cutest snaps of Canadian athletes and their furry friends. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Tristan Walker – Luge

We are really big fans of this New Year’s resolution, Tristan! The more, the merrier.

Dori Yeats – Wrestling

Puppies are the perfect cuddle buddies.

Stephanie Labbé – Soccer

A cute pup like this would definitely help clear the Monday Blues.

Jen Kish – Rugby

Food for thought: Wiggles would be a great team mascot!

Max Parrot – Snowboard

The cutest spectator there ever was.

Meagan Duhamel – Figure Skating

Bringing home a good luck charm from Korea one year before PyeongChang 2018 seems like a good idea.

Adam van Koeverden – Canoe/Kayak

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Fall Colours with Cairo. #AlgonquinPark

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Cairo + Adam = besties.

Brianne Theisen-Eaton – Track & Field

Retired life must be ruff… no pun intended.

Ryan Fry – Curling

We’ll just leave this here for you to admire.

Kelita Zupancic – Judo

Is it a lion, no! It’s Trapper, Kelita Zupancic’s bulldog.

Sébastien Toutant – Snowboard

An X Games bronze medal seems like the perfect accessory for snowboarder Seb Toots’ pup.

Paula Findlay – Triathlon

Triathlete Paula Findlay‘s pup Charlie doesn’t seem as optimistic as his owner about Spring “springing” anytime soon.

Ivanie Blondin – Long Track Speed Skating

This picture is evidence that anyone – all shapes, sizes and species – can pull off the Hudson’s Bay Canadian Olympic Team Collection.