Olympic Education

Pursue Series: The Performance

Lesson description

Performing when it counts is something all students must do. Be it a big test, a game or a recital, they have to prepare with purpose, overcome nervousness, and do their best when it counts. Olympians provide insight on how they prepare for the performances of their lives and how they deal with the pressure to perform. Sometimes things go as planned, and other times success comes in different forms.

Lesson instructions

1. Download the Video Activity package suitable to participants’ reading levels.
2. Watch The Performance (bilingual video available above).
3. Download the Learning Activity package suitable to participants’ reading levels.

Special features

Each Video Activity package and Learning activity package includes a printable story and comprehension and reflection activities written at three reading levels, enabling teachers to easily adapt the lesson to students of multiple reading and achievement levels.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to: 

  1. Learn ways to reduce performance stress;
  2. Recognize their personal level of excellence.

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