Canadian Tenors get pumped at Canada Olympic House

The Canadian Tenors visited Canada Olympic House (COH) for the second time this week to perform for a gathering attended by Canadian Olympian and IOC member Beckie Scott and Chairman of the British Olympic Association Colin Moynihan.

The vocal quartet, consisting of Remigio Pereira, Fraser Walters, Victor Micallef, and Clifton Murray, were proud to have been invited to sing at COH.

“It’s such a great location, right in Trafalgar Square, and it really feels like our home away from home,” said Victor Micallef.

The Canadian Tenors also wowed athletes, friends, and family at COH grand opening.

“When we were on stage performing for all of the parents and athletes at Canada Olympic House, I felt that love and passion for the Games and that devotion to sport and it definitely got me pumped,” said Clifton Murray.

In the tube, on the way to the Opening Ceremonies at the Olympic Stadium, the Tenors gave an impromptu performance to passengers who were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.

“It was a lot of fun, we just broke into song and people started joining in. It was a unifying experience. The Olympics just bring everyone together,” said Remigio Pereira.

— By Kristina Velan