Double gold medallist Humphries opens door to ultimate challenge

Undoubtedly two-time Olympic gold medallist bobsledder Kaillie Humphries is a fighter.

Along with brakeman Heather Moyse, the Canadian women’s bobsleigh team fought back from a deficit in Sochi to win their second straight Olympic championship.

Following that triumph, Humphries said she was going to push the powers that be in that sport to make women’s four-man bobsleigh a reality. Currently that event doesn’t exist for female bobsledders in an official capacity.

Given her tenacity, it came as little surprise when on Tuesday night Humphries announced from her Twitter account that she will be “entering the octagon” in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

News quickly spread of her potentially being on the UFC fight card at Québec City in April. A rumour that was quashed the next day by UFC, revealing that Humphries is instead training with fighters.

The thought of Humphries in UFC isn’t outlandish. She is reportedly a fan of mixed martial arts and the “Warrior Princess” follows an impressive training regimen.

While we don’t know what the future holds, it’s a safe bet that Humphries would put up an earnest fight in whatever path she chooses.

Kaillie Humphries Training

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