How to buy tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

UPDATED March 15, 2023

After two straight Olympics that saw fans have to stay home because of the pandemic, it’s sure to be a party at Paris 2024.

If you want to be there to cheer on Team Canada in person, here is everything you need to know about Olympic Games ticketing.  

Phase 1: “Make Your Games” ticket packs (COMPLETED)

The first phase of ticket sales for the general public was dedicated to Olympic Games ticket packs. This phase is now finished, putting the focus on the second phase dedicated to single ticket sales.

Phase 2: Single ticket sales (via draw)

During the single ticket sales phase, access to all sports and all sessions (including event finals) as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be on offer.

This is the first time that tickets for the Paris 2024 Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be available for purchase!

For just over a month, from March 15, 2023 to April 20, 2023 (noon ET / 9:00 a.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. CET), fans can sign up for the single ticket sales draw. If you already registered for the single ticket sales draw while registering for the ticket pack sales draw, then no action is needed. You can check your registration status in your Paris 2024 Ticketing Account.

All entries for the draw — whether they are new during this second phase of sales or were successful in the first phase of sales — will be shuffled, giving everyone an equal chance.

Sign up for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games Ticketing draw

The only fans not eligible for the single ticket sales draw are those who already purchased 30 tickets during the “Make Your Games” ticket pack phase.

Fans who are successful in this second phase draw will be given a 48-hour time slot (starting from May 11, 2023) in which to make their ticket purchases.

To be fully prepared for their 48-hour ticket selection window, fans should do their research in advance. Information about the competition schedule and ticket pricing for each session is available here.

For each ticketing account, a maximum of 30 tickets can be purchased across all sales phases combined. As an example, this means that if you purchased 18 tickets as part of the “Make Your Games” ticket pack sales, then you can only purchase up to 12 more tickets during the single ticket sales.

Paris 2024 Olympic Ticketing Guide: Single Tickets

During single ticket sales, there is a limit of four tickets per account for the ceremonies. There is a maximum of six tickets per competition session per account, but some sessions will be limited to four tickets per account. These exceptions are noted with an asterisk in the Paris 2024 Ticket Price Guide.

Don’t forget which email address you used to register for the draw! Those who are successful will be notified of their ticket purchasing time slot via that same email address, which must be valid through 2024. Notification will begin on May 9, 2023 so check back often (including in your junk folder) as emails will be sent two days before the allocated time slot opens.

Fans who are not successful in the draw will receive that notification via email at the end of this phase of ticket sales.

Information about an official Paris 2024 ticket resale platform will be available at a later date.

Hospitality Packages

If you’re interested in a variety of travel and hospitality packages that, in addition to Olympic event tickets, would include your flight, accommodations, and some fun Paris experiences when you’re not watching Team Canada compete, you can learn more information from our partners at ATPI.

Please note that official Paris 2024 Games tickets are provided only through Paris 2024, and ticket-inclusive official hospitality packages only through ATPI or On Location in Canada. The purchase of Games tickets from any other source constitutes a violation of Paris 2024 ticketing and hospitality terms and could be subject to cancellation and/or sanctions.