Olympic gold-Stanley Cup double update & Habs take on Jimmy Fallon

We’re in the third round of the NHL Playoffs and there are still nine players left who could achieve the Olympic Gold-Stanley Cup double in the same year.

When we last visited this story there were a staggering 14 Canadian men’s national hockey team members from Sochi in contention for the dream double. With the elimination of the Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins and Minnesota Wild – the only team with no Canadian gold medallists – the list of players is down to nine.

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Two of these stars – Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith – already achieved this feat in 2010. Here is the full list of players still eligible as the Chicago Blackhawks, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers get set to play for a trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Habs take on Rangers and Jimmy Fallon

Meanwhile, Montreal, the lone Canadian team to enter the Stanley Cup Playoffs continues its run after beating the Tampa Bay Lightning and Boston Bruins in the first two rounds.

With wins come added confidence and a chance to have some fun. The Canadiens challenged The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to a Twitter bet.

After a lengthy public negotiation, the New York-born entertainer and the world’s greatest hockey club in the history of the sport (you may sense a slight bias but 24 Stanley Cups don’t lie), came to an agreement as illustrated with tweets below.

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