#OlympicBuzz : Under the sea to over the moon


What’s new with our Olympians? Delve into their fascinating everyday lives through social media. Here’s a recap of 10 favourite posts this week via our Canadian Olympic athletes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Week of May 20-26

1.  This week’s selfie is quite legitimate:

Adam van Koeverden earned a spot on the K1500m podium in Hungary. Sportsmanship was also there in full force!

2. It might feel like being in a video game,

But it’s just another day in the life of Justin Dorey. (Video)

3. My heart melts when I see this photo.

Besides being named Sochi, hockey player Sami Jo Small’s dog has its own Habs jersey and was visibly upset at last game’s results.

4. Milos Raonic is brushing up on his French:

Milos wants to start his tournament in Paris on the right foot. We wish him luck (not that he really needs it).

5. Sky’s the limit.

Spencer O’Brien is no doubt reaching for the Moon in this amazing photo taken by Peter Morning.

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Mission to the moon. 🌔 Photo: @petermorning

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6. Only if your name is Jason Burnett and you have an Olympic medal…

…can you make this move seem as easy as going for coffee. (Video)

7. Lots of fun for Jessica Gregg, Vancouver 2010 medallist, at the Grand Canyon.

Clothes that perfectly match the decor. Coincidence?


8. Mellisa Hollingsworth, Olympic medallist, knows how to steer a skeleton.

And also a horse. Watch this impressive performance:

9. Gymnast Anjelika Reznik preparing for Nationals.

One can only imagine the number of hours required to master a move like this one.

10. From ice to water, Kim Lamarre explores the sea floor.

She seems to have picked up something other than a medal this time.

See you next week for a brand new top 10 of #OlympicBuzz !

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