Canada celebrates Thanksgiving

It’s the second Monday in October and for Canadians, that means Thanksgiving.

Whether or not you had a bountiful harvest – literal or metaphorical – over the last year, Thanksgiving provides one thing everyone can be thankful for if they’re lucky enough to have it: a long weekend in October.

Here are a few Canadians and Canada admirers sharing their Thanksgiving weekend on Twitter & Instagram.

First, the great actor William Shatner with a history lesson. 

On to a few Olympians.

Finally, few better than to give an admirer of Canada, chef Jamie Oliver, the last word on this holiday of food and fun. 

« Hey Canada, Happy Thanksgiving!!! We know how much this time of year matters to you guys over there in your amazing, massive and exciting country. I was out there a couple of weeks ago and had such a brilliant time and I can honestly say it was a blast and without doubt one of my favourite countries. »