Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games medals unveiled

On Tuesday the organizers of Toronto 2015 and the Royal Canadian Mint unveiled the medals that will be awarded to athletes at the Pan American Games.

The gorgeous neck accessories will be presented in gold, silver and bronze. While they won’t be available in stores, its demand will be great among the over 6,000 athletes vying for just three of these in each event from the 36 sports on the Pan Am calendar.

Several Olympians, including nine-time Pan Am medallist Alex Orlando were on hand Tuesday to help unveil the Toronto 2015 medals.

Each medal weighs-in at about a hefty 350 grams, it includes a mokume-gane insert that fuses different alloys together, with artistically laid irregular shapes on the front representing the gathering of Pan American nations, designed in part by Métis artist Christi Belcourt.

All medals have ‘Toronto 2015’ written on them in braille.

Team Canada athletes and Pan Am medals Guadalajara 2011:

On Wednesday, CTV Canada AM will have more on the Toronto 2015 medals as the Games are just 129 days away.

Toronto 2015 tickets are on sale until March 9 before they go on hold for a month: Pan Am Games Tickets.