These 11 sort-of-sports get more popular every day

What about the cutting edge (fringe?) of human sporting achievement? The games, or…activities we do because they’re fun, challenging, and maybe because there isn’t much else to do?

Here are 11 rapidly growing sort-of-sports you might want to try:

Underwater Hockey

Take a deep breath and think about this: speedos, wooden sticks, a really heavy puck, and snorkels. Welcome to the warm water world of underwater hockey.

Axe Throwing

It’s like darts. With an axe.
Or archery. Without the bow. Or the arrows. With an axe.

Ultimate Frisbee

It’s played by all the sporty-after-supper friends you have and resides mostly in the recreation category on university campuses. However, there are groups of men and women sprinting after each other and pulling off sick catches or wicked D-stops with an object that flies, instead of falls.

Competitive Eating

You know the names: Joey Chestnut. Kobayashi. Sonya Thomas. Matt Stonie. If you can become nauseous watching a bone rattling hit in the NFL, the same can be said watching Joey Chestnut eat 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Durability of the esophagus, folks. What we’re saying is if something makes you sorta-sick to watch it should be a sorta-sport.


This is a game where everyone knows the basic rules after they hear the name. And the formations! The strategy! Defend first, throw at once, target the best player first, learn dodging technique from Keanu Reeves, and communicate. You must communicate! Plus, trampolines? Game over. Dodgeball is totally a sorta-sport.


When you were playing hours of Goldeneye on N64 you SHOULD have been getting really good at an array of computer games like World of Warcraft, dota, or League of Legends. Why? Because now these boys and girls are real-life gaming rock stars. And they make more money than you.

Disc (Frisbee) Golf

Back to the frisbee thing, sorry, they are actually “discs” and we’re now talking golf as one of those flying-object sports that is super high skill and very well-developed. The players have different weights of discs for different situations in their golf bag. Plus, many have Graham DeLaet level beards.


Think of all of your friends who play ultimate. Eliminate them from your mind. The rest of your friends do crossfit.

Spelling Bees

The pressure is very real and can take a toll on these kids.

And this is an A-C-T-U-A-L C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-I-O-N


This is totally a street art, with Olympic gymnast strength and when the dance circle opens up at a wedding some guy always tears his pants pretending because it’s awesome, unbelievably hard and takes hours of practice. Anything that takes hours of practice that you can tear your pants doing should be a sport.


Hey…if e-sports gets to be a sport, so does poker. All-in baby.

Cover photo: Crossfit Games