The fun runs in Canada… and a few other places

This story is part of an series on running called Canada Runs.

For some foot racing aficionados, running on asphalt is no great challenge. What they really need to have fun is an added obstacle.

Night Race

The Night Race is a five or ten kilometre race or walk that winds through various parks in Canadian cities. In what way does it stand out from the rest? It begins at sunset! It’s safe: upon registration, each participant receives a headlamp. Registration is now open for the race’s 2015 edition in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

Source: Night Race Web Site

Similarly, the Course nocturne de Montréal will be back for a third edition on May 15, when Olympic triathlete Kathy Tremblay will be on hand as a spokesperson. Last year, a total of $20,023 had been raised for the Dr. Julien Foundation.

Color Me Rad

We have all seen on our Facebook news feeds pics of our friends who had gone to this famous Color Me Rad race. Although we get the impression that the event is nothing more than an opportunity to take selfies while completely covered in coloured powder, you should know that participants must run five kilometres! It is while running through an untimed course in a white shirt that runners encounter « colour zones » where participants get splashed with yellow, green, pink or blue powder, all of it is non-toxic, non-stinging and hypoallergenic.

The Santa Clause Race

The Santa Clause Race takes place in several Canadian cities a few weeks before Christmas, when racers and runners alike dress up as Santa Clause or elves. The money raised through registration fees goes to the Salvation Army in support of families and individuals in need. The race is quite entertaining to run or to watch, unless of course you are a four year-old child who is fixated on the belief that there is only one Santa Clause…

Source: Salvation Army

Total Zombie

There should be a large number of Resident Evil fanatics who sign up for this frightful three or five kilometre race. Participants must try to survive by preventing their three scarves from being snatched by zombies. It all takes place in a grisly setting, beginning at nightfall. For wimps, there is the « chicken » start, which is essentially the same event, albeit experienced in the daytime.

Mud Hero

The Mud Hero race is a six kilometre run that features 16 obstacles along the way, each one « muddier » than the previous! Fortunately, an outdoor wash station is set up to make the return trip by car possible.

Source: Mud Hero Web Site

Foam Fest Canada

Do the words « inflatable games, » « Styrofoam, » « 50-foot slide » and « death fall » grab your attention? If so, Foam Fest Canada is for you. Throughout this five kilometre foot race, several stations, each one more outlandish than the other, await you.

High Heels Race

Montreal’s high heels race takes place each year to kick off the city’s Festival Mode & Design. Teams of two, consisting of ladies or…men, take part in this 100-metre relay race while trying to avoid spraining an ankle. The money raised goes directly to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Source: Sensation Mode Facebook Page

Cours après moi

Are you desperate to avoid finding love on Tinder? This is your chance to meet single sports enthusiasts on a 400 metre track! On Saturday, May 9, at the Université Laval, the Cours après moi event will bring together singles passionate about foot racing for a five or ten kilometre run. Running around in circles on an outdoor track is one way to keep on running into that one person who catches your eye…

Elsewhere in the world

Cheese Race, in England

Naked Run, at the University of California Berkeley

(To avoid naked pictures of university students for obvious reasons, here’s Frank « The Tank »)

Will Ferrel's Frank "The Tank" from the film Old School.

Will Ferrel’s Frank « The Tank » from the film Old School.

Beer Mile

And the not so fun…

Running of the Bulls, in Spain

Editor’s note: we don’t recommend anyone try this, ever.