Watch riderless bikes in the latest Cycling Canada video

A bike is a really good thing. It’s simple. The cheapest wheels you can find. And comes with unlimited fresh air.

Sounds like something your Dad would say. Maybe, but a bike was the first time you went fast. Really fast. The first time you went to school by yourself. The bike is the first way you explored new neighbourhoods, or got stitches. For some, the bike is part of history. For others, it’s daily. For everyone, the bike is freedom.

And in this latest Cycling Canada video, the bikes are lonely.

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The video features riderless bikes of every type ripping around in their natural habitat. All the sounds of cycling are included, and the visuals balance between inspiring and a trailer for ‘Attack of the Bikes’. (That is not a real movie). What is true is the video includes all the Olympic disciplines: BMX, road, track, and MTB and another type of riding called cyclo-cross.