WATCH: More awesome bird’s-eye video of Rio 2016 Olympic Park venues

We have good news. The Brazilian government hired a helicopter and made another video with cool overhead shots of Rio 2016 venues (see above).

The bad news is they chose some elevator quality music. It’s very, relaxing.

The video begins at the Barra Olympic Park with big buildings to house sports like aquatics, track cycling, and tennis. It looks like they’re coming along. Oh look! Men skillfully laying bricks and operating power tools.

From August – WATCH: Progress made in Rio Olympic Park venues

There’s a fly-over of the Deodoro Zone which contains the Whitewater Stadium and BMX venue. At one point in the video they actually pump water down the slalom course to very dramatic violins so we recommend watching this far.

From March – WATCH: Timelapse of Rio 2016 Olympic Park construction

Our suggestion to avoid falling asleep until then is to mute the sound on YouTube and play your favourite upbeat music instead. Anything is more exciting than melodic acoustic guitar. Brazil is building things everyone, and the Games of the XXXI Olympiad are coming soon, enjoy.

Cover photo: Olympic Aquatics Stadium (Miriam Jeske /