VIDEO: This is what happens if you put Olympic sports on a mountain in Brazil

It’s really hard to make super epic sport commercials every Olympic season.

Let’s face it, there are basically three types of sports commercial: the hero monologue (like LeBron), soccer commercials (like this), and the training montage. There can never be enough training montages.

Ok, there could be more types but this isn’t really about that. With Rio 2016 coming up there will be more commercials featuring Olympic athletes. In these cases, adidas used gymnastics Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti and London 2012 bronze medallist judoka Mayra Aguiar, both from Brazil.

The spots lean on the majesty of nature surrounding Rio de Janeiro. Basically, really big mountains with delicious names like ‘Sugar Loaf’. This allows beautifully suspended shots, and with the music creates this refreshing sanguinity.

Themes discussed are: human connection to nature, idolatry, human struggle, and more.