Condorelli wins silver at US Pro Swim Series, beats Michael Phelps

By now you may have heard Canadian swimmer Santo Condorelli won silver in the 100m butterfly at a U.S. Pro Swim Series event in Minneapolis, out-touched by American Giles Smith and ahead of Olympic icon Michael Phelps.

Hold on, what was that last part? Yes, Condorelli beat 22-time Olympic medallist Michael Phelps, who is also the world record holder in the event.

Truthfully, both Condorelli’s time of 52.58 seconds (.30 slower than Joe Bartoch‘s Canadian record), or finishing in front of Phelps…isn’t out of the blue.

Santo Condorelli during the men's 100m freestyle at the Pan Am Games. He won four swimming medals at TO2015.

Santo Condorelli during the men’s 100m freestyle at the Pan Am Games. He won four swimming medals at TO2015.

The rising Canadian has been swimming at a very world-class level since last summer when he was fourth in the 100m freestyle at World Championships in Kazan, Russia. At Pan Am Games Condorelli captured silver in the 100m freestyle plus bronze in the 100m butterfly with a time of 52.42, only slightly faster than the swim he used to beat Phelps this week.

And, who knows what level of preparation either swimmer had. And, US national team member Giles Smith beat them both anyway.

All that said, Condorelli has emerged as one of Canada’s brightest swimming hopes. He swims the 100m freestyle and 100m butterfly equally well, which is rare. His mother is from Kenora, ON but he grew up in Portland and now trains with storied sprint coach Dave Salo, at the University of Southern California.

Richmond, BC’s Noemie Thomas was third in the women’s 100m butterfly. Competition ends Saturday.