Canada’s sport community comes together for International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day; a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements. So naturally, Canada’s sport community took this opportunity to highlight their female athletes.

Some of Canada’s summer sport federations joined together and used Twitter to not only highlight their amazing athletes, but talk about gender equity, role models and female achievements in sport. Here’s a snapshot of a few Canadian International Women’s Day tributes:

Canada Soccer

Canada Basketball

Diving Canada

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Gymnastics Canada

Sail Canada

Tennis Canada

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Rugby Canada

Field Hockey Canada

Golf Canada

Rowing Canada

Athletics Canada

Wrestling Canada

Of course, International Women’s Day is about honouring women from around the world. So with 150 days until the world comes together for Rio 2016, here’s a video from our friends at the International Olympic Committee, celebrating some of the best female athletes in Olympic history.