What are Rio hopefuls eating?

Nothing is more satisfying than a great meal, especially during training season when packing in energy is vital to performance.

Check out what Team Canada Rio hopefuls are eating leading up to the Games.


Fencer Joseph Polossifakis enjoys some bibimbap straight from the motherland in Seoul, Korea.


We know Liz Gleadle can launch a javelin 64.5 metres, but turns out she can also post a photo of aesthetically pleasing salad for us all to enjoy. Also, note the coffee mug.

Sweet tooth satisfaction


Even world class swimmers like Katerine Savard indulge their sweet tooth once in a while.

Breakfast bowls


4×100 metre sprinter, Isatu Fofanah, shares her refreshing and healthy morning meal. Gotta stay lean!

Coconut cinnamon rice


Fofanah also shares her home made coconut cinnamon rice, complete with a recipe for all to enjoy.

Leftovers make a great meal

Turkeys may not fly, but wrestler Erica Wiebe adds it to her workout recovery meal to keep soaring in the wrestling world. More on Wiebe here.



From the photo you can tell Allison Beveridge is a cyclist, and it’s great that she is showing off her pizza because really, who doesn’t love a good pizza?

Mom always knows best

Beach volleyball player Kristina Valjas cooks a homemade meal from her mother’s cookbook.


Wrestler Jillian Gallays enjoys a delicious wrap and sips a latte all while working on her website. Full time wrestler, part time web designer?

Apple & cheddar


This very Canadian looking snack of apple and cheddar is from swimmer Sandy Mainville.

Home made seaweed roles

Heptathlete Jessica Zelinka shares the recipe for her new favourite thing to make as a snack, so if you’ve ever wanted to eat like an Olympian now’s the time.

Training camp food

Syncho swimmer Karine Thomas and her teammate share the best KBBQ in Seoul, Korea. Looks delicious!