8 Rugby Sevens plays worth a second view

This summer, the Canadian women’s Rugby Sevens squad is set to compete in Rio.

The men’s team, on the other hand, have one final chance of qualifying during the Repechage Rio Qualification Tournament in June. Over the weekend the rugby world went wild over Rugby Canada’s Adam Zaruba’s epic one-handed catch at Paris Sevens, a reminder of what the Canadian team can do heading into the last-chance tournament in Monaco. Here’s that great catch:

With the June tournament quickly approaching, it has never been a better time to look back on some of the astonishing highlights from the past year, all of which are truly worth a second watch:

Phil Mack goes beast mode

Phil Mack is not easily intimidated with a brilliant tackle to take down Samoa’s Joe Tekori, a player with almost a foot in height difference.

Mike Fuailefau tests his wrestling moves

Mike Fuailefau shows that he can’t be held down with a creative evasion to score the try.

John Moonlight secures win over the All Blacks

John Moonlight scoring a try and deflecting a hit like a brick wall before his inner sportsman offers his opponent a helping hand up.

Bianca Farella shows some wicked speed

Sometimes a risk can bring reward. Bianca Farella finishes off a play with a lengthy run to get the try.

The Jen Kish wonder try

Jen Kish receives a helping hand in the form of a lift before evasively running the rest of the pitch for a try.

Epic win over Australia

Nathan Hirayama  with a last chance kick for the win over Australia during the Canada Sevens stop of the World Rugby Sevens Series.