Ice in our Veins: Mandy Bujold (Behind the scenes)

Boxer Mandy Bujold has faced many intimidating situations. It’s an occupational hazard for a pugilist. Although an outdoor winter’s day dressed in boxing gear on Georgian Bay surrounded by wolves was certainly unique.

“It was amazing, actually. I guess the best way to describe it is… it’s going to look like it’s (green screen) but it’s not,” Bujold said of her portion of the Ice in our Veins shoot that saw many of Canada’s Rio 2016 hopefuls lend their time to help promote the Olympic squad ahead of the Games this summer.

“I spend a lot of time in Georgian Bay, so I know how cold it is in the summer, so in the winter it was especially cold, but it was definitely a lot of fun and a beautiful backdrop for the theme we’re showing in (Ice in our Veins),” Bujold said.

Bujold’s scenes were some of the most intriguing, with live wolves roaming the set as she shadowboxed against the icy backdrop of Tiny, Ontario. Many on set were anticipating this encounter and wondered how long it would take for the boxer and the beasts to work in unison.

“Mine was actually pretty quick, I think. With the wolves we did about six or seven takes. Each time the wolves were in a different position, moving through the ice. It was interesting.”

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Mandy Bujold, boxing

Mandy Bujold’s Ice in our Veins promotional poster.

When she’s not on set shooting promotional videos, Bujold can usually be found in the ring working on her craft. The two-time Pan Am Games champion isn’t shy to say out loud that she wants an Olympic gold in Rio. Competitive boxing isn’t for the modest. In that same tradition, her preparation is old school.

“I try to have a clear mind,” Bujold said when asked how she approaches her fights. “A lot of people think you have to listen to crazy music, pump yourself up, get mad, it’s actually quite the opposite for me, I listen to calming music so I have a very clear mind and implement the plan I worked on with my coaches.”

A nine-time national champion, Bujold’s best world championship finish was reaching the quarterfinals in 2014. She’ll want to employ her ring entrance technique for at least one round farther in the Olympics to secure a medal.

“It’s all about staying calm, at that point all the work is done. You just have to trust in your preparation.”