The Rio 2016 4x200m freestyle team wins bronze with Taylor Ruck, Penny Oleksiak, Brittany Maclean and Katerine Savard on August 10 2016.

Rio 2016 Day 5: Results and fan reactions

Day 5 of the Rio2016 Olympic Games means Penny Oleksiak is back. Fans and athletes have taken to social media to support #TeamCanada

After a fantastic bronze medal win in synchronized diving, Canada looks ahead to see what successes day five will bring.

Swimming – Bronze for 200m freestyle relay

Rio 2016: 4x200m final team

Rio 2016: 4x200m final team

Katerine Savard, Taylor Ruck, Brittany Maclean and Penny Oleksiak have won bronze in the 200m freestyle relay.

Kierra Smith competed in the 200m breaststroke and has advanced to the finals.

Santo Condorelli competed in the 100m freestyle finals. He finished fourth.

Penny Oleksiak and Chantal Van Landeghem have competed in the 100m freestyle. Unfortunately, Van Landeghem placed 10th and did not qualify, however Oleksiak finished with the second fastest time and will be racing tomorrow in the finals.

Beach Volleyball – CAN vs Austria

Josh Binstock and Sam Schachter have been eliminated.

Basketball – CAN vs Senega

The women’s basketball team played Senega and won 68-58.




Kelita Zupancic lost in the repechage and did not advance.


The 4x100m relay was swam by Emily Overholt, Kennedy Goss, Taylor Ruck and Katerine Savard have qualified third in the heat and have moved on to the finals.

Martha McCabe  and Kierra Smith competed in the 200m breast stroke. Smith has qualified 6th overall and will advance to the semifinals. McCabe did not.

Penny Oleksiak and Chantal Van Landeghem competed in the 100m freestyle event. Both have advanced to the semifinals which will happen tonight.



Joseph Polossifakis has been eliminated in the round of 32.

Eleanor Harvey moved into the quarter finals after beating Italy in a huge upset but fell to Tunisia. This is the farthest a Canadian fencer has gone in foil.


Kelita Zupancic fell to Japan in the quarter finals and is moving to the repechage.


Tara Whitten finished 7th in time trials.

Hugo Houle finished 21st in time trials.


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