Multi-sport star Mikaël Kingsbury

Mikaël Kingsbury is the undisputed Canadian king of the hill. With an Olympic gold and the record for the most World Cup victories in moguls, the 24-year-old prodigy seems unstoppable. Once you’ve conquered one sport, why not attempt the rest?

Kingsbury showed off his skills in a few summer and winter Olympic sports, and lets just say he did not disappoint.


Philippe Gagné may need to up his dive difficulty; if not Kingsbury may give him some competition for Tokyo 2020.


According to Vancouver 2010 silver medallist Helen Upperton, Philippe Marquis, Laurent Dumais and Kingsbury would make a great Olympic bobsleigh team. The attitude? A bonus.

Gymnastics – Trampoline

A good variety of techniques, and look at that hang time! …Rosie MacLennan, what do you think?


Spinning a ball on your finger is pretty impressive, especially when you have to do it without being distracted by Marc-Antoine Gagnon‘s moustache.


After PyeongChang 2018 Kingsbury should consider Tokyo 2020, where surfing will make its Olympic debut.

It appears Kingsbury’s teammates Simon Pouliot-Cavanagh, Philippe Marquis and Marc-Antoine Gagnon are big fans of the sport too.


From start to finish, Kingsbury has the form and style (thanks to the Sochi 2014 Olympic collection) to embark on a career as a golfer.


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So much fun skating on the mini ramp!

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Okay, if surfing is not Kingsbury’s top choice for Tokyo 2020, he could always try his luck as a skateboarding pro.

Ice Hockey

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Ready for the game !!! #Kingsbury

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Obviously, being raised in Canada, Kingsbury’s first love was surely hockey.


But from the look of this family photo, maybe it was baseball?

Sport climbing

This isn’t how Kingsbury typically “climbs” to the top of the podium, but he’s clearly got the hang of sport climbing!

What’s next Mikaël Kingsbury?