Photo: Air + Style
Photo: Air + Style

Air + Style: Parrot wins big air in Innsbruck

Max Parrot nabbed the top podium spot at Air + Style Innsbruck, winning the men’s big air competition at Olympiaworld.

After successfully defending his big air title at X Games Aspen, Max Parrot continued to dominate the event topping the podium Innsbruck. The Canadian took an early lead, scoring 89.66 on his opening run. Parrot followed up with the highest scoring run of the compeition with 94.66 which gave him a combined score of 184.32.

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The reigning champion Marcus Keveland from Norway scored 179.99, to finish second behind Parrot. Sweden’s Sven Thorgren completed the podium in Innsbruck with 176.33 to place third.

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Canadians Michael Ciccarelli and Sébastien Toutant also qualified the big air final. Ciccarelli placed fourth overall after 161.99. Toutant – who finished second at the last event in Beijing – had to settle for seventh, after he missed the landing on his first and third runs.

Next up, the Air + Style circuit will continue to Los Angeles on February 18 and 19.