Photo by Justyn Warner
Photo by Justyn Warner

Training with Team Canada: Lower Body

In our last installment of Training with Team Canada we focused on upper body, we’re moving south this week with lower body workouts.

Check out the strength of these athletes:

Hugo Houle – Cycling (Road)

Riding a bicycle all day will earn you some killer leg strength. Check out this move from road cyclist, Hugo.

Britt Crew – Athletics (Shot Put)

Britt Crew has that “new year, new me” attitude going, striving to make 2017 her most fit year yet.

Akeem Haynes – Athletics

Rio 2016 4x100m bronze medallist, Akeem, keeps the leg work and motivational quotes coming.

Natasha Wodak – Athletics

Natasha shows us how to get our glutes in gear.

Anicka Newell – Athletics (Pole Vault)

Feeling the burn yet?

Brady Leman – Ski Cross

Brady is always around to lift the team up when they’re feeling down… or when he outgrows the weight rack.

Shannon Rempel – Speed Skating

Started from the bottom, now she here.

Melissa Lotholz – Bobsleigh

The Rio 2016 flame ignited Melissa’s desire to get in top competition shape.