Team Canada - Cassie Sharpe - 2016 X Games OsloVegard Wivestad Grott
Vegard Wivestad Grott

Cassie Sharpe wins gold at Snowmass

Cassie Sharpe wins halfpipe gold at Snowmass on Friday.

First place in qualifying, Sharpe was the last to go downhill. She shone from her first run with a score of 91.6, but outdid herself in third downhill with 93.5. She was the only female finalist to beat the 90 points.

She was closely followed by the American Brita Sigourney, who scored 89.20 points. In third was Japan’s Ayana Onozuka with a score of 87.0.

Sharpe has had an excellent season, with a gold medal at Breckenridge in December and another at the FIS World Cup in early September in New Zealand.