What to expect at Canada Olympic House during PyeongChang 2018

Canada Olympic House is open to the public for the first time since Salt Lake City 2002 and the access is complemented by some fantastic amenities provided by Team Canada partners.

Primarily used for athletes’ family and friends since the Games were held in Utah, in recent years there was a premium on public nights when fans would line up outside for a chance to get a glimpse of the quintessential Canadian home-away-from-home.

Facebook Live tour of Canada Olympic House:

Now, simply by submitting their registration at canadaolympichouse.ca to purchase tickets, Team Canada fans can gain access to their House from February 10 to 25.

Celebrate in style

Team Canada - Canada Olympic House Celebration Lounge

Canadian Tire Celebration Lounge at Canada Olympic House in Gangneung, South Korea Photo by Deb Ransom

One of the main features of the House is the Canadian Tire Celebration Lounge. Furnished by the Canadian retail icon, the lounge also features snacks from General Mills and Mondelez. This is where fans, athletes and their families will spend hours watching the action on the big screen.

The Hudson’s Bay Team Canada store will keep fans outfitted for the Games when they step out into the elements. Be it the Gangneung Olympic Park, or the much cooler, mountainous Alpensia Sports Park, Team Canada jackets, toques and red mittens will prove as fashionable as they are functional.

Olympians of today and tomorrow

Team Canada Men's Hockey Team at COH

The Canadian Men’s Hockey Team visits Canada Olympic House in Gangneung, South Korea Feb 9, 2018.
Photo by Deb Ransom

Those athletes who want a momentary breather from the daily attention the Games can bring, will chill at Deloitte’s Game Plan, the lounge that’s exclusive for Olympians. Comfortable sitting, big screen TV, a ping-pong table and food service will keep athletes relaxed and refreshed inside Canada Olympic House.

Not all treats come in the form of food and drink, however as winners of RBC Training Ground from last season will be flown in to watch the Games, and will undoubtedly find themselves dreaming alongside their heroes. Back home, the talent identification program for future Olympians is already underway for this season.

Fuel up and stay connected

Craving poutine? Of course you are, you’re Canadian. That’s why the Petro-Canada Fuelling the Dream Café exists, and it wouldn’t be home without a stocked bar with plenty of Molson Canadian on hand.

So if you find yourself at PyeongChang 2018 and just happen to be a big fan of Team Canada – which we know you are because you’re reading this here on our website – come on by, and don’t worry, you’ll still be connected to the outside world as Bell has you covered with WiFi at Canada Olympic House.