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4 things that can help your child find a passion in sport: Tips from Olympian Mirela Rahneva

During the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Beijing, adults and children alike will witness great athletic achievements. But one of the most stunning things you’ll find about these athletes are the stories underneath.

With so much athletic talent, an exceptional support network and a valuable focus on her mental health, we’re sure Mirela Rahneva has got what it takes to reach her Olympic goals in 2022. You know we’ll be cheering on her from Canada! In the meantime, here are Rehneva’s tips for families.

  1. Just have fun. “It’s important for kids to want to participate, so don’t make it about results or winning. Make it about friends and connection and your relationships with other kids, coaches and the other parents. It’s so much bigger than just exercise or sport.”
  2. Do the groundwork. “Running is the foundation of most sports, and it is for skeleton racing. Try doing track and field drills, running, gaining strength, weight lifting—but really, running.”
  3. Create balance. “I love cuddling with my pooch Riley and my kitty Bravo, I love going for walks. I live close to the mountains in Calgary and go for hikes. I love biking, so I’ll take my mountain bike out. I practice yoga and I go out for ice cream for friends and I like to read books.”
  4. Give skeleton a shot! Kids as young as six years old can try the sport. “Come out to Calgary, push a sled and get into it!”

Inspired? Now try getting active with your family

If you’re feeling inspired by Mirela’s story, now is a great time to get moving as a family. And here’s a great way to keep track! Try out a variety of activities and movements, and mark them down each day when you do them. It’s a great way to see your progress, build momentum and develop confidence and self-esteem while you’re moving.

Download your printable tracker.

Read Mirela’s full story here on Active for Life’s website.

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