Day 3: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Monday, August 8, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 3 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 12:11 a.m. BRT

8 0 1 3 4

Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.


Last updated: 12:11 p.m.

Basketball Canada Team Preliminary Round W 71-67
Beach Volleyball Josh Binstock / Sam Schachter Team Preliminary Round, Pool A W 2-1
Equestrian – Eventing Rebecca Howard (Riddle Master) Individual Cross-Country 15
Equestrian – Eventing Colleen Loach (Qorry Blue D’argouges) Individual Cross-Country 45
Equestrian – Eventing Jessica Phoenix (A Little Romance) Individual Cross-Country 41
Equestrian – Eventing Canada Team Cross-Country 11
Equestrian – Eventing Kathryn Robinson (Let It Bee) Individual Cross-Country ELM.
Field Hockey Canada Team Preliminary Round, Pool B L 3-1
Judo Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard 57kg Round of 16 L
Rowing Canada Men’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage Round, Heat 1 5
Rowing Canada Women’s Eight Heats, Heat 2 3
Rowing Canada Men’s Lightweight Four Repechage Round 4
Rowing Canada Women’s Lightweight Double Sculls Heats 1
Rowing Canada Women’s Pair Heats, Heat 1 4
Rowing Canada Men’s Four Heats, Heat 2 2
Rugby Sevens Canada Team Semifinal L 5-17
Rugby Sevens Canada Team Bronze medal match BRONZE
Sailing Lee Parkhill Laser Opening Series, Race 1 43
Sailing Lee Parkhill Laser Opening Series, Race 2 37 (Current rank: 43)
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 1 9
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 2 31 (Current rank: 22)
Swimming Katerine Savard 200m Freestyle Heats, Heat 3 2
Swimming Katerine Savard 200m Freestyle Semifinal 7 (Final Rank: 15)
Swimming Brittany MacLean 200m Freestyle Heats, Heat 6 6
Swimming Brittany MacLean 200m Freestyle Semifinal 5 (Final Rank: 10)
Swimming Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson 200m Individual Medley Heats, Heat 4 4
Swimming Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson 200m Individual Medley Semifinal 8 (Final Rank: 14)
Swimming Sydney Pickrem 200m Individual Medley Heats, Heat 5 2
Swimming Sydney Pickrem 200m Individual Medley Semifinal 4
Swimming Kylie Masse 100m Backstroke Final BRONZE
Swimming Rachel Nicol 100m Breaststroke Final 5
Table Tennis Eugene Wang Singles Round 3 L 4-0
Tennis Eugenie Bouchard Singles Round 2 L 2-0
Tennis Vasek Pospisil / Daniel Nestor Doubles Round 2 W 2-0


Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.


On the race:

I think it was a well executed race. That’s what we wanted to do. We had some demons to push out after (the London Olympic Games of ) 2012. It was our first Olympics and I think we really gunned it in our heat last time. I think the goal this time was just to have the confidence that we trained to do it classy, we trained to do it patiently, we trained to do it with confidence and I think that we did that today.


Patricia OBEE

On the effect of her and sculls partner JENNERICH’s poor performance at the London 2012 Games:

We didn’t have a great lead up to the 2012 Olympics. Obviously it was both of our first Olympics that we raced at and we were really nervous. We watched our men’s eight just go way too hard and ‘psycho’ in the heat so we said let’s go out and do that, and we went out and did it. We weren’t able to control that first-Olympics nerves and excitement.

We wanted to show ourselves that it wasn’t the Olympics that created that, it was our poor lead up. We wanted to show ourselves we could do it.


John TAIT 

On the defeat:

Australia have been a world-class attacking team all year. Today they really did a great job in defence and marked our danger players and made their tackles. When they are put into space they are also a lethal team.

On the bronze-medal match against Great Britain later on Monday:

Australia did a good job on what we gave them in that game — a couple of overlaps. We have got to hold our defence and make our one-on-one tackles.



On what triggered the comeback:

After the first half, we sat down and said let’s get it done on the defensive end and that’s what we did. We got out in transition, made them run and executed extremely well in the second half.

On Miah-Marie LANGLOIS’s winning three-pointer:

It was kind of a feeling at that point (on where she would be at). Miah (LANGLOIS) did a really great job of finding a really open gap.

On the importance of the game:

This was a game we really wanted to win. When we play in desperation mode, which we were playing in today, that’s when we’re really, really good.



On her game-clinching three points:

Honestly I wasn’t thinking about anything. Kia (NURSE) was driving, I knew I had to move to get open, they collapsed a lot and then, I was wide open. After that, it was just like practice, all those shots I took in the gym.

On Canada’s composure during the comeback:

We practise it. We know how to handle the situation. We’re a defensive team and that’s what we started off with in the third.”

It’s amazing we can pretty much sub anybody in and we can play defence just like that. At that point, it doesn’t matter about the size. we’re just all over full court, and it’s hard to break a press that way.


Ashley STEACY (CAN) – bronze

On winning a bronze medal:

It’s amazing. We were obviously going for gold and Australia played a really great game against us (in the semifinal). What defines you is how you bounce back from that and I think we really proved it out there against England (Great Britain) that we wanted it.”

We nailed our gameplan and it just feels so great to represent this maple leaf (on her playing shirt). It just means the world right now.

On recently overcoming two serious knee injuries to play at the Olympic Games:

I clawed my way back and to be here is a dream come true. Literally, this is my dream and it just came true: winning a medal, representing Canada with these 12 girls and all the girls I’ve played with previous to this.


Jennifer KISH

On her future in the sport:

I was thinking if we didn’t walk away with a bronze here, I would have no choice but to go for another quad (four years). I wasn’t going to give up the sport of rugby until I medalled with my teammates.”

The fact that I got to get a bronze medal with girls that I knew since I was 15, 16 years old is a true honour.

On adding to her extensive amount of tattoos:

I’m getting the Olympic rings on my calf. I can’t wait to get them because it’s just going to bring me back to this moment.



On their upcoming match against DOPPLER/HORST (AUT):

We know we can beat anybody in the world, we just have to play with consistency. We have spurts of greatness, but we need to find more rhythm and consistency near the end and make better adjustments.


On what went wrong in the match:

We didn’t find our rhythm as well as we normally do. Josh usually is a little sharper on the sideout, and tested him a bit more. I don’t think he was himself at the end there, and we’re both a bit disappointed, but we’re sure that we can bounce back.

On the skyball serves from CARAMBULA:

It’s definitely a unique serve. He’s the only one who does it consistently and effectively on tour. It’s unique in the sense that nobody really sees it and it messes up the rhythm of your sideout, which is what we kind of struggled with today.

We tried to simulate it in practice and training and I think that prepared fairly well.


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