Day 4: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 4 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 12:46 a.m. BRT

11 0 1 4 5

Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.


Last updated: 12:46 a.m. BRT

Beach Volleyball Chaim Schalk / Ben Saxton Team Preliminary Round, Pool D W 2-1
Beach Volleyball Jamie Broder / Kristina Valjas Team Preliminary Round, Pool D L 2-0
Beach Volleyball Sarah Pavan / Heather Bansley Team Preliminary Round, Pool E W 2-0
Diving Meaghan Benfeito / Roseline Filion 10m Synchro Final BRONZE
Equestrian – Eventing Rebecca Howard Individual Jumping Qualification 10
Equestrian – Eventing Rebecca Howard Individual Jumping Final 8 (Final Rank: 10)
Equestrian – Eventing Colleen Loach Individual Jumping Qualification 17
Equestrian – Eventing Colleen Loach Individual Jumping Final 42 (Final Rank: 42)
Equestrian – Eventing Jessica Phoenix Individual Jumping Qualification 17
Equestrian – Eventing Jessica Phoenix Individual Final 38 (Final Rank: 38)
Equestrian – Eventing Canada Team Jumping Final 10 (Final Rank: 10)
Fencing Maxime Brinck-Croteau Individual Epee Round of 32 L 14-15 (Final Rank: 17)
Football (Soccer) Canada Team Round 1, Group F W 2-1
Field Hockey Canada Team Preliminary, Pool B L 0-7
Judo Antoine Valois-Fortier 81kg Round of 32 W
Judo Antoine Valois-Fortier 81kg Round of 16 W
Judo Antoine Valois-Fortier 81kg Quarterfinals L
Judo Antoine Valois-Fortier 81kg Repechage Final L
Rowing Carling Zeeman Women’s Single Sculls Quarterfinals, Heat 3 3
Rowing Nicole Hare / Jennifer Martins Women’s Pair Repechage Round, Heat 1 4
Sailing Tom Ramshaw Finn Opening Series, Race 1 19
Sailing Tom Ramshaw Finn Opening Series, Race 2 16
Sailing Lee Parkhill Finn Opening Series, Race 3 33
Sailing Lee Parkhill Finn Opening Series, Race 4 33
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 3 16
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 4 19
Shooting Lynda Kiejko 25m Pistol Precision Qualification 40 (Final Rank: 38)
Shooting Lynda Kiejko 25m Pistol Rapid Fire Qualification 38 (Final Rank: 38)
Swimming Santo Condorelli 100m Freestyle Heats, Heat 6 1
Swimming Santo Condorelli 100m Freestyle Semifinals 2
Swimming Yuri Kisil 100m Freestyle Heats, Heat 7 3
Swimming Yuri Kisil 100m Freestyle Semifinals 6
Swimming Audrey Lacroix 200m Butterfly Heats, Heat 2 6
Swimming Audrey Lacroix 200m Butterfly Semifinals 8
Swimming Ashton Baumann 200m Breaststroke Heats, Heat 5 7 (Final Rank: 24)
Swimming Pickrem, Sydney 200m Individual Medley Final 6
Tennis Eugenie Bouchard / Gaby Dabrowski Doubles Round 2 L 1-2 (Final Rank: 9)
Tennis Daniel Nestor / Vasek Pospisil Doubles Quarterfinal W 2-0
Volleyball Canada Team Preliminary, Pool A L 1-3


Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.


On the match:

We just played steady.That’s a very physical team that likes to serve really tough. Going in, we knew we had to deal with it, we knew we had to control the ball and control the tempo.”

We were just able to grind them down and keep pushing. I’m really proud of our fight today.

On the Brazilian crowd:

They’re hostile a little bit. It’s funny when they’re booing us, I think. It doesn’t really rattle us, so they can boo us all they want and that’s just going to give us more energy. I don’t know, I’ve never heard that much before. It was fun.

On their next match, against Nivaldo Nadhir DIAZ GOMEZ/Sergio Reynaldo GONZALEZ BAYARD (CUB) on Thursday:

They beat this team (SOLBERG/EVANDRO) as well. Every team in our pool is around the same level, and it’s a tough one. We need to come out and get that win.”

Anything can happen in our pool. We could win the pool or there’s still a chance we could not get out of the pool, so we’ve got to keep grinding and taking it one point at a time.”



On losing his repechage match:

I always struggle against Japanese opponents. It was already a difficult match-up for me from the start. I think one thing I didn’t do so well is after the quarterfinals I had a hard time setting my mind into going into repechage. I really believed I would be going into the semis and final today.


Roseline FILION 

On Canada’s final dive of the competition:

It was crazy. We knew we needed a really a good dive on the last one to have a chance at the podium. We went up there really calm, looked at each other and told each other, ‘We got this’, and we ended up with a great last dive.



On winning the bronze medal for the second Olympic Games in a row:

The feeling was amazing. We’ve worked tirelessly since London (2012 Olympic Games) to get this medal. We missed on our fourth dive but we got it back on the fifth. To see that three flash across the board was amazing.

On what the medal means to her family:

My mom and dad are both here, which is amazing. My family means a lot to me and I know they are watching back home and screaming with joy.

On finishing in third place after performing a strong final dive:

For the first time in my 11 years with Rosie I didn’t look at the scoreboard, so I had no idea where we were. I didn’t know that we needed a really, really good dive. We just went up there and we said to each other, ‘OK, we need this’.”

We really just had confidence in each other. It’s really not for nothing that we’ve been diving for 11 years together so I think that really helped us get onto the podium today.

On getting a lower score of 75.24 on the fourth dive:

The fourth dive was a little iffy, but in practice I’ve been having a very hard time with that dive because of the sun and the colour of the water. But I take that one. It’s been almost a disaster this week, so that was probably the best one so far.

On how winning the bronze medal at Rio 2016 Olympic Games compares to coming third in the same event at London 2012:

We’ve had a hard year with Rosie’s injury. We started off a little slower, but we only missed one podium so that’s really good. The last four years have been very different than the one before so I would say that I’m a little more proud of this one. This one means a lot.

On claiming a medal after FILION broke her ankle in December 2015:

That’s the reason we cried. You saw a lot of tears of joy after we found out that we were third.”

We had a very hard season, not knowing if she would be able to come back, a lot of doubts. But she’s strong and I’m ecstatic to be an Olympic medallist with her again.

On the green colour of the pool water:

It was weird. I remember getting up on the tower and (FILION) didn’t want to laugh because it’s not really the blue that we’re used to, but it helped. It’s not the same colour as the sky so that was really on our side today.”

It’s water. We know that it’s water down there. The fact that it was green actually helped.”

The only thing we said is, ‘Don’t open your mouth in the water’. Just in case.

On their ritual before diving:

We look at each other and we’re like, ‘OK, we got this. We know how to do this.’ I say it and sometimes at the end of the platform you might hear with the microphones. I say, ‘OK, let’s go, we got this, you can do it.

On their relationship:

We can’t get mad at each other. We’ve been diving together for 11 years and that’s the exact reason why we’ve lasted so long because we trust each other, we know each other.


Glenn HOAG 

On losing the match after taking the first set:

I don’t know if it was a disappointing result because they are the number one team in the world and are a very, very hard team to play.”

We’re disappointed in some ways in certain aspects of how we played the game where we could have made a few less execution errors and stayed with them. But they are a good team, they don’t make these types of errors and that’s why they’re ranked number one in the world.”

Now we need to look at what went wrong and get our focus for the match against France.

On making eight errors in the third set when tied at one set apiece:

You try to keep it to around four to six errors (per set) but they forced us to go that way you know, so we’re going to need to be better in the next match because France is similar to Brazil.


On losing the match after taking the first set:

I think we lost our rhythm a little bit, we didn’t play that well today and we made a lot of execution errors. They put a lot of pressure on us with their serving. As soon as we created a little gap, we gave them the opportunity to do that by making some mistakes.”

They’re No.1 in the world for a good reason. They’re a very good team and if you want to beat them and compete with them you have to play a lot better than we did.

On the cost to Canada of making eight errors in the third set:

It’s huge, that’s something that we just can’t really do. (It was) maybe a little bit uncharacteristic, trying to do a little too much. We can’t play like that going forward and we have to get back to basics in the way we did against the Americans.

On his misfiring serve:

I’ve been struggling with my serve a little bit here, it’s kind of inconsistent. I can still get a little bit of gas on it at times so I have to try to reign it in so I’m not making so many errors.

On playing in front of a noisy home crowd:

It can be a little distracting but it’s great. Fans in the seats (are) for you or against you, it’s great just to have people around making noise.



On where it started to go wrong for Canada after a solid start:

They started serving a lot stronger and a lot more consistent. Our passing broke down for stretches at the wrong points and in that third set we just made a string of errors and that made the set.

On the noisy home crowd:

We were playing the No.1 team in their home country at an Olympic Games so there were a lot of nerves and a lot of anxiety out there and I think maybe it hurt them just as much as us.

On how they will respond to the defeat:

We need to rest and recover. We have one day and then we play France in a crucial game. They’re going to be on their ‘A’ game because they need to win so we’re going to have to match that and try to get a good result.


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