Day 5: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 5 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 1:18 a.m. 


Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.



Last updated: 1:18 a.m.

ArcheryGeorcy Thiffeault PicardIndividualRound of 32L 1-7
ArcheryCrispin DuenasIndividualRound of 32W 6-5
ArcheryCrispin DuenasIndividualRound of 16L 3-7
BasketballCanadaTeamPreliminary Round, Group BV 68-58
Beach VolleyballJosh Binstock / Sam SchachterTeamPreliminary Round, Pool AL 1-2
Cycling – RoadKarol-Ann CanuelIndividual Time TrialFinal13
Cycling – RoadTara WhittenIndividual Time TrialFinal7
Cycling – RoadHugo HouleIndividual Time TrialFinal21
Equestrian – DressageMegan LaneIndividualGrand Prix, Day 111
FencingEleanor HarveyIndividual FoilRound of 32W 15-6
FencingEleanor HarveyIndividual FoilRound of 16W 15-11
FencingEleanor HarveyIndividual FoilQuarterfinalsL 13-15 (Final Rank: 7)
FencingJoseph PolossifakisIndividual SabreRound of 32L 6-15
JudoKelita Zupancic70kgRound of 16W
JudoKelita Zupancic70kgQuarterfinalsL
JudoKelita Zupancic70kgRepechage FinalL (Final Rank: 7)
RowingLindsay Jennerich / Patricia ObeeWomen’s Lightweight Double ScullsSemifinals A/B, Heat 2POSTPONED
RowingCanadaMen’s FourSemifinals A/B, Heat 2POSTPONED
RowingCanadaWomen’s EightRepechage RoundPOSTPONED
RowingCanadaMen’s Quadruple ScullsFinal BPOSTPONED
RowingNicole Hare / Jennifer MartinsWomen’s PairFinal CPOSTPONED
SailingJacob Saunders / Graeme Saunders470Opening Series, Race 126
SailingJacob Saunders / Graeme Saunders470Opening Series, Race 220 (Overall: 24)
SailingNikola Girke / Luke RamsayNacra 17Opening Series, Race 14
SailingNikola Girke / Luke RamsayNacra 17Opening Series, Race 220
SailingNikola Girke / Luke RamsayNacra 17Opening Series, Race 3POSTPONED
SailingLee ParkhillLaserOpening Series, Race 519
SailingLee ParkhillLaserOpening Series, Race 620 (Overall: 30)
SailingTom RamshawFinnOpening Series, Race 322
SailingTom RamshawFinnOpening Series, Race 413 (Overall: 19)
SailingBrenda BowskillLaser RadialOpening Series, Race 510
SailingBrenda BowskillLaser RadialOpening Series, Race 619 (Overall: 19)
SwimmingPenny Oleksiak100m FreestyleHeats5
SwimmingPenny Oleksiak100m FreestyleSemifinals2
SwimmingChantal Van Landeghem100m FreestyleHeats9
SwimmingChantal Van Landeghem100m FreestyleSemifinals5
SwimmingMartha McCabe200m BreaststrokeHeats8 (Final Rank: 23)
SwimmingKierra Smith200m BreaststrokeHeats1
SwimmingKierra Smith200m BreaststrokeSemifinals4
SwimmingCanada4 x 200m Freestyle RelayHeats3
SwimmingCanada4 x 200m Freestyle RelayFinalBRONZE
SwimmingSanto Condorelli100m FreestyleFinal4
TennisDaniel Nestor / Vasek PospisilDoublesSemifinalsPOSTPONED
WeightliftingMarie-Ève Beauchemin-Nadeau69kg69kg – Overall8



Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.

Eleanor HARVEY 

On her performance:

(I did) better than most people expected. Top eight is pretty good, but it sucks to lose by two points to go into the top four. It’s my first Olympics, so it’s OK. I’ll be back, but it still sucks.

On what she can learn from her loss:

I took a little bit too long to do what I knew was working.”

I was trying to force myself to do it, to go forward, because it was working so much better than going back, but I’m naturally more defensive, so I should’ve just done it sooner.”

It’s not an action I’m comfortable with. I need to work on going forward and being confident.

On what it meant to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

It’s always been my dream since I can remember. I knew I wanted to go in some sport from when I was like five years old, so I started running, then I went to karate, then I switched to fencing when I was ten. I guess it was the right decision because I made it.


On racing next to Cate CAMPBELL (AUS) as she broke the Olympic record:

I knew she was going pretty fast because I basically saw her feet the whole race. It’s great to swim beside swimmers like her because they’ll push you.


On his first Olympics:

It was pretty fun. I had a good result for myself. I did my personal best, so that’s what I’m looking at. For sure the result is not so good, but that’s what it is. I did my best. It was a great experience. I know what I have to do for the next four years – train hard.”

It wasn’t hard to be here, to represent Canada. For myself, I went pretty conservative, I did not want to crash. I took my time. It was OK. It was a really nice course for an Olympic time trial.

Crispin DUENAS

On his personal performance:

I shot the best I could’ve. I’ve had two Olympics before and I know that I didn’t perform there as good as I did here, both in the rankings and with how I was shooting.

My mental game was good, my physical game was good. I was putting arrows in the middle when I needed to, but Zach just had more.

I’m coming in ranked 20th in the world. The fact that I’m leaving with a ranking that’s higher than my world ranking is probably a good thing for my ego for one.


On not progressing to the round of 16:

Very disappointing. We didn’t find that consistency again. We have the fight, but we have to be better at adjusting to what’s going on both of us, all tournament. Lesson learned going forward.

On his experience at the Olympic Games:

Right now it is pretty tough to have an objective perspective because the emotions are still on high, so I’ll have to wait a couple of days. It’s not even gonna be a day. I’m sure when I look back I’ll be really grateful I had this opportunity.


On how he felt after the second set:

We had some momentum, felt great. But unfortunately we lost our rythym and concentration.

On making it to the Olympic Games:

I’m proud to have gotten there, but it’s not what we wanted. We wanted more here. So, I’m still a little disappointed, but we’ll go home, learn from our lessons and start training again and be here next Olympics.



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