Day 6: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 6 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 12:45 a.m. 


Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.



Last updated: 12:45 a.m.

BadmintonMartin GiuffreSinglesGroup Stage, Group ML 0-2
Beach VolleyballBen Saxton / Chaim SchalkTeamPreliminary Round, Pool DL 0-2
Beach VolleyballBen Saxton / Chaim SchalkTeamLucky LoserW 2-0
Beach VolleyballKristina Valjas / Jamie BroderTeamPreliminary Round, Pool DW 2-0
Beach VolleyballSarah Pavan / Heather BansleyTeamPreliminary Round, Pool EW 2-0
BoxingArthur BiyarslanovLight Welter (64kg)Preliminary RoundW 3-0
Cycling – TrackCanadaTeam PursuitQualification4
Equestrian – DressageMegan Lane (Caravella)IndividualGrand Prix32
Equestrian – DressageBelinda Trussell (Anton)IndividualGrand Prix28
GolfGraham DeLaetIndividualRound 12
GolfDavid HearnIndividualRound 142
Gymnastics – ArtisticEllie BlackIndividual All-AroundFinal5
Gymnastics – ArtisticIsabela OnyshkoIndividual All-AroundFinal18
Field HockeyCanadaTeamPool BL 2-4
JudoKyle Reyes100kgRound of 32L (Final Rank: 33)
RowingCanadaWomen’s Lightweight Double ScullsSemifinals A/B 22
RowingCanadaMen’s FourSemifinals A/B 22
RowingCanadaWomen’s EightRepechage 11
RowingCanadaMen’s Quadruple ScullsFinal B2 (Final Rank: 8)
RowingNicole Hare / Jennifer MartinsWomen’s PairFinal C2 (Final Rank: 14)
SailingGraeme Saunders / Jacob Saunders470Race 322
SailingGraeme Saunders / Jacob Saunders470Race 419
SailingNikola Girke / Luke RamsayNacra 17Race 38
SailingNikola Girke, Luke RamsayNacra 17Race 410
SailingNikola Girke, Luke RamsayNacra 17Race 516
SailingTom RamshawFinnRace 59
SailingTom RamshawFinnRace 617
SwimmingYuri Kisil50m FreestyleHeats, Heat 76 (Final Rank: 35)
SwimmingSanto Condorelli50m FreestyleHeats, Heat 103
SwimmingSanto Condorelli50m FreestyleSemifinals5 (Final Rank: 12)
SwimmingSanto Condorelli100m ButterflyHeats, Heat 21
SwimmingSanto Condorelli100m ButterflySemifinals5 (Final Rank: 12)
SwimmingBrittany MacLean800m FreestyleHeats, Heat 34 (Final Rank: 10)
SwimmingDominique Bouchard200m BackstrokeHeats, Heat 22
SwimmingDominique Bouchard200m BackstrokeSemifinals6 (Final Rank: 9)
SwimmingHilary Caldwell200m BackstrokeHeats, Heat 32
SwimmingHilary Caldwell200m BackstrokeSemifinals1
SwimmingKierra Smith200m BreaststrokeFinal7
SwimmingPenny Oleksiak100m FreestyleFinalGOLD
TennisDaniel Nestor / Vasek PospisilDoublesSemifinalsL 0-2
VolleyballCanadaMen’s TeamPreliminary, Group AL 0-3



Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.


On finishing second in the semifinals:

We’re satisfied that we got the job done, but not happy with the back end of the race.

On how to do their best in the final on Friday:

We have to keep our composure, sit up strong and do what we do best.


On his thoughts on the match:

We just were not quite at our best, some of the ball control stuff wasn’t going as we normally do. They played a really strong game and they’re on fire right now, and we weren’t able to slow them down.

On playing a team they are unfamiliar with:

It’s always nice for us to play the teams more. I think for us, we do better the more we play a team, but it is what it is, everyone’s got to deal with it.”

They’re obviously playing free and playing loose and we just had to find a way to win that one.


On being part of the first group to tee off in an Olympic Games for 112 years:

It felt different, it really did. I haven’t been nervous like this on the first tee at a tour event in a really long time. The last time I can think of really being nervous is probably the President’s Cup (2013).”

I didn’t really think about it that much until we walked off the first tee and all of us were talking about it. This is pretty cool, first time in over 100 years and we are leading the charge in the Olympics.”

You are out there and playing for more than just yourself. You are playing for your flag and it’s a pretty cool feeling.

On shooting a 66:

There is always a player who shoots seven or eight under on a course when you don’t think it is out there. I don’t think I will be leading at the end of the day but I am clubhouse leader at the Olympic Games and that feels pretty good.

On the course and conditions:

The course is good, I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

There are some sneaky tough par fours, especially that stretch 11-14 If you can get through there in even par that is pretty good golf.”

The last five or six (holes) it was blowing pretty good.

On almost being a defending champion, given George LYON (CAN) won golfing gold at the 1904 Games:

Well, it’s been a while since we won a gold.

Dave ROSS – Rosie MacLennan’s coach

On how the Olympic champion, Canada’s only gold medallist from London 2012, is prepared going into Rio 2016:

She knows that no one has ever repeated in trampoline, like defended their title. She knows that she’s one of four people that could be on the podium. We’re hoping she’s in a medal position and not make a mistake.”

There’s no guarantees. She’s just working hard and trying to put other people’s expectations our of her mind and keep her own expectations of herself from being too high as well. She’s pretty humble.

On the difficulty in trampoline given that you can literally bounce out of the competition:

In trampoline you do two skills, no second chance, you don’t get on again. One of your legs buckles its over. You get scored out of two instead of 10, You’re completely wiped out. You’re at the bottom of the leaderboard. No matter what.


On whether the loss against Ireland was the one that got away for Canada at Rio 2016:

Yeah, I think so. We knew coming into the tournament we had three tough games off the start and we wanted to try and steal points from any of those three. We didn’t. So we knew that these last two games were do-or-die for us.

On the game:

It didn’t go our way in the first half, we battled really hard in the second half and a really good team performance, but we couldn’t make up for the goals we allowed in the first half.

On Canada not being considered a favourite to progress out of pool B to the quarterfinals:

We knew coming in to the tournament that we were the lowest ranked team in the pool.”

In world hockey every tournament we go into, except for anything in the Pan-Am(erican) region, we are the underdog and we like that, we like that role.”

On Canada’s support through Rio 2016:

I think we had over 70 travelling supporters come here so that’s been remarkable.”

Back home we are getting more of the exposure we would like. Obviously it’s a bit of a niche sport in Canada so we’re really happy we are getting more coverage and support.”

We just hope that throughout the next couple of years we continue to get that support and we go from there and try to compete again on the world stage.


On looking forward:

We hope to keep winning, I think we’re getting rolling now. We’ve had a lot of matches and experience so I think we’re feeling ready.

Kristina VALJAS 

On the key to the team’s win:

Well, it was pretty windy today, and it doesn’t really matter what your level of play is, you just have to really focus on every point on your side. I think we did a good job at that. Despite some plays being really ugly, we made them work.


On reaching the finals:

We need to put it together a bit better and execute better. I was really surprised to see Great Britain set a new world record, but this is the Olympics, and everyone came here flying. Everyone is bringing their A game, that’s what we’re seeing out there. I think we can go faster. We didn’t get the pacing we wanted to today.

Ellie BLACK 

On achieving the best showing by a Canadian woman in the Olympics:

To be ranked fifth in the world – I mean, it’s just a number but it’s more about going out there and showing the gymnastics that we can do. It’s incredible. I couldn’t be happier.

On occupying third place at one point during the final rotation:

I took a picture of that. You can dream. I’m super pleased. My goal was to just to go out there and hit my routines. I’m happy with the performances that I was able to give and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

On Simone BILES (USA), who won the gold medal:

She’s incredible. She is just unbelievable, an extraordinary athlete and person. She’s going to continue to do well at these Olympics. She’s definitely the best female gymnast who has ever been.

Nicholas HOAG 

On the disappointment of losing:

I don’t think we showed up tonight. We felt it, or at least I felt it, before the match on the warm-up court. It wasn’t the same as against Brazil and as against the United States. We need that to beat those kind of teams. We are not as good as them technically and France were a great team tonight. We had a hard time.

On why this happened after two big matches:

We know we can play at that level. Now we have to maintain it. That’s the hardest part. That’s the key.

On where it leaves Canada in the tournament:

We have got to win the next two matches. We want to win three-zero against Mexico. That’s a hard thing to do, they are a good defensive team. We’ve played them a lot. And if we play like we played against the United States, we can do well against Italy in our last match of the pool.

On whether this disappointment will help for the rest of the tournament:

We will be way more aggressive in the next match. Yes. We have to maintain that … not anger, but fire. If we can maintain that we can play good. But tonight we didn’t have that unfortunately. France outclassed us.


On a back-and-forth first set:

It was close. We were point for point all the way through until (at) the end, we were down by a couple points. We kind of said to each other, ‘Let’s stay patient,’ and it came through.”

We changed our tactic a little bit and then we got a few points on defence, and I think that gave us some momentum going into that second set.

On finishing top of their pool:

We are feeling good. We are on top of our pool and that was our goal. Moving forward we are happy with our game and there’s always things to improve on, but we are looking forward to play-offs.


On winning a gold medal at 16 years of age:

This is amazing, to tie for a gold. I never thought I’d win a gold. She (joint-winnerSimone MANUEL (USA)) deserves it as much as me. It means so much.



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