Day 7: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 7 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 11:52p.m.

12 2 2 6 10

Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.


Last updated: 11:52 p.m.

Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon 100m Hurdles 6
Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon High Jump 5
Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon Shot Put 8
Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon 200m 7 (Overall rank: 6)
Athletics Brittany Crew Shot Put Qualification, Group A 9 (Final Rank: 18)
Athletics Taryn Suttie Shot Put Qualification, Group B 15 (Final Rank: 28)
Athletics Anthony Romaniw 800m Round 1, Heat 3 6
Athletics Brandon McBride 800m Round 1, Heat 6 1
Athletics Natasha Wodak 10,000m Final 22
Athletics Lanni Marchant 10,000m Final 25
Athletics Evan Dunfee 20km Race Walk Final 10
Athletics Iñaki Gomez 20km Race Walk Final 12
Athletics Ben Thorne 20km Race Walk Final 27
Athletics Hilary Stellingwerf 1500m Round 1, Heat 1 7 (Final Rank: 31)
Athletics Heather Steacy Hammer Throw Qualification, Group A 13 (Final Rank: 23)
Athletics Gabriela Stafford 1500m Round 1, Heat 2 9 (Final Rank: 19)
Athletics Nicole Sifuentes 1500m Round 1, Heat 3 7
Athletics Khamica Bingham 100m Round 1, Heat 2 3 (Final Rank: 25)
Athletics Crystal Emmanuel 100m Round 1, Heat 6 4 (Final Rank: 28)
Basketball Canada Women’s Team Preliminary Round L 51-81
Beach Volleyball Jamie Broder / Kristina Valjas Team Round of 16 POSTPONED
Beach Volleyball Sarah Pavan / Heather Bansley Team Round of 16 POSTPONED
Boxing Mandy Bujold Flyweight (51kg) Round of 16 W 3-0
Cycling – Track Kate O’Brien / Monique Sullivan Team Sprint Qualification 7
Cycling – Track Kate O’Brien / Monique Sullivan Team Sprint Heat 3 L (Final Rank: 8)
Diving Jennifer Abel 3m Springboard Preliminary Round 1
Diving Pamela Ware 3m Springboard Preliminary Round 7
Equestrian – Dressage Belinda Trussell Individual Grand Prix Special 27
Football (Soccer) Canada Women’s Team Quarterfinals W 1-0
Golf David Hearn Individual Round 2 22
Golf Graham DeLaet Individual Round 2 31
Gymnastics – Trampoline Rosie MacLennan Individual Qualification 3
Gymnastics – Trampoline Rosie MacLennan Individual Final GOLD
Field Hockey Canada Team Pool B T 2-2
Rowing Carling Zeeman Single Sculls Semifinals A/B 1 4
Rowing Lindsay Jennerich / Patricia Obee Lightweight Double Sculls Final A SILVER
Rowing Canada Men’s Four Final A 6
Sailing Graeme Saunders / Jacob Saunders 470 Opening Series, Race 5 12
Sailing Graeme Saunders / Jacob Saunders 470 Opening Series, Race 6 POSTPONED
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 7 10
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 8 20 (Fleet Overall: 19)
Sailing Erin Rafuse / Dannie Boyd 49er FX Opening Series, Race 1 5
Sailing Erin Rafuse / Dannie Boyd 49er FX Opening Series, Race 2 4
Sailing Erin Rafuse / Dannie Boyd 49er FX Opening Series, Race 3 POSTPONED
Sailing Lee Parkhill Laser Opening Series, Race 7 14
Sailing Lee Parkhill Laser Opening Series, Race 8 23 (Fleet Overall: 25)
Swimming Chantal Van Landeghem 50m Freestyle Heats, Heat 10 3
Swimming Chantal Van Landeghem 50m Freestyle Semifinals 5 (Final Rank: 10)
Swimming Michelle Williams 50m Freestyle Heats, Heat 12 6 (Final Rank: 18)
Swimming Ryan Cochrane 1500m Freestyle Heats, Heat 5 5
Swimming Canada Women’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay Heats, Heat 1 1
Swimming Canada Men’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay Heats, Heat 1 8
Swimming Hilary Caldwell 200m Backstroke Final BRONZE
Tennis Daniel Nestor, Vasek Pospisil Doubles Bronze medal match L 0-2 (Final Rank: 4)
Weightlifting Pascal Plamondon 85kg 85kg – Overall 3 (Final Rank: 13)


Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.


On winning a silver medal:

My body is in shock, in every way from a 2k race and from being on an Olympic podium, which is 12 years in the making. It’s surreal and the purest form of happy.

On the way the Netherlands rowed to win gold:

It made me feel pretty good about getting a silver medal. It left us just finishing our last drops of gas. It felt like sprinting from the 1000. I just felt like a machine, and (Patricia) Obee felt like a machine. I knew the person Obee is, having her know we were fourth and only going to get something more.

Patricia OBEE

On her race:

We were just us out there and us is the second best boat in the world today.

On what she was thinking as they sat in fourth place:

Well, we’re in fourth, and I thought we’re getting a medal for sure. Our last 250 is so strong that I knew we were going to go through one (crew) at least. I could sense China and I could sense South Africa, we’ve rowed through South Africa in the last half a lot. The Chinese are pretty good sprinters and once we were through them I thought, ‘I think we’re looking at silver’.


On competing with Dong DONG (CHN), the London 2012 Olympic champion and 10-time world gold medallist in various trampoline events:

It’s fantastic competing with him. There was a time when he and I were evenly matched back in 2008 when I etched him out for the silver medal. That was a very proud day for me.”

It’s been incredible seeing him progress and continue to stay strong over the years.

It’s mind blowing what he’s been able to accomplish.

On the camaraderie among the trampolinists:

It’s great. Everyone out there is friends on some level. There is no dislike for any one competitor, from any one competitor.

Everyone high fives, handshakes, congratulates the other when they do well. They try to consul them at least in some way when they don’t. It’s a very comfortable group of people to be training and competing with.


On preparing for her opponent:

Honestly, there were two opponents in the tournament that I knew nothing about, and she was one of them. We could not find video; we could not find anything. Sometimes, it’s a good thing. You can focus on your own strength. But there was still the unknown. Is she aggressive, is she left-handed, is she right-handed? I knew nothing.

On her thoughts on the bout:

It was really a matter of going out there and trying to adapt really quickly to what she was going to do. The first round I think that I boxed really well. Second round, I felt her rushing at me, but once I got my timing and I used my speed, I think everything went well.

On the improvement of women’s boxing:

The level has improved immensely, and it’s amazing to see because I have grown up in this sport. When you watch the girls fight and you watch the guys fight, there’s really no difference. I think the girls actually go for it more because we have those two minute rounds. It’s all excitement.”

AIBA (International Amateur Boxing Association) is getting much better at showcasing their women and appreciating the talent that we have.


On how teammate Penny OLEKSIAK’s (CAN) gold medal in the women’s 100m freestyle inspired her in the heats:

I had so much inspiration watching Penny last night and I think that really helped me to come in this morning and just try to throw down my best race possible.

On how Canadian athletes celebrated OLEKSIAK winning the country’s first gold medal of the 2016 Olympic Games:

We were watching on TV back in the village and we all started screaming. There were tears. There was so much adrenaline. It was honestly hard for me to fall asleep that night.

On the advantages of Canadian swimmers’ tall height:

It’s such a big advantage, especially in short races, in the 50m inches matter. It’s something that we’ve been blessed with and born with, and we’re trying to put it to good use.


On winning the gold medal:

It’s so surreal. I’m so excited and really proud. I’m so grateful go have had the opportunity to come out here to compete at the Olympic again. I can’t even describe it.

On what she will take from her Olympic experience:

The most important thing is to chase the dream and love the journey.


On falling at the start of the race:

It’s not ideal but we’ve done it so many times, so you’re able to get back onto the horse, and trust it doesn’t happen again. It’s just a glitch. It’s not a big thing.

On how the track feels in her first Olympics:

We wanted a faster ride and I think we were hoping for a bit faster.”

It’s hard to tell with this track. It seems to be running fast. It’s the same for everyone else. We are both overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time.

It’s amazing that it’s the Olympics but it’s still just another bike race. We try to keep that in the back of our minds and we hope to suck it all in later.

The nerves showed up a bit today but not nearly as much as if I was obsessing about every four years.


On having almost equalled USA in the first quarter, but then letting them secure a large lead:

They’re the best team in the world, so obviously keeping it tight in the first half is not enough. We have to be able to sustain that throughout the whole game. We weren’t able to do that throughout the second half. We just need more intensity.”

That intensity has to be brought throughout the whole game. And we can’t give them easy stuff. We can’t allow them to make shots without contested hands in their face. We can’t give them anything easy, that’s how they build runs.

On her expectations for Canada’s performance in the rest of the tournament:

Just to keep getting better. Our teams continues to really build in offence and defence. And just building the chemistry throughout the team. With every game we’re trying to get a little bit better, so when we get to the final game we’re on our best.


On Tamika CATCHINGS (USA), her teammate in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) club Indiana Fever:

I look up to her. I’m glad that I’m on her team for most of the year. But she’s a true competitor and I know she really drives her team, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the bench or if it’s on the court. You know how passionate she plays.

On whether she talked to CATCHINGS about coming to Rio de Janeiro on opposite sides of the court:

We joked about it. We even did some Indiana Fever interviews about it. It’s all fun and games. She’s really proud to represent the USA and I’m more proud to represent Canada. We go back and forth about that.

On the plan to play against Spain on 14 August:

We’re going to take some of the things from today (against USA). They run a couple of similar offences to the USA so it was great practice today. We had an exhibition game (against Spain) before we started the official (Olympic) Games. That was just to get our feet wet and try to see how they’re playing.”

They have some great shooters on their team and they’re a passionate team. So we have to make sure that from the get go we’re playing great defence.

Pamela WARE 

On qualifying for the individual semifinal after missing the podium in the women’s synchronized 3m springboard:

I’m feeling pretty good. After we missed the podium by not even a point, it gave me more motivation to push harder for my individual event. That’s what I did today. I missed my first dive but after that I thought to myself, ‘Just keep the momentum going’, and I got better and better with every dive.

Jennifer ABEL 

On her chances of getting the gold medal after advancing to the semifinal in first place:

Right now I’m not thinking about that because we still have semifinals. I know I can do it though. I’ve competed with these girls many times and I know what I’m capable of.

Dannie BOYD 

On leading after the first day of 49er competition:

It feels good to be in a good, strong position going forward and know that we have lots of room to play with.

On how it feels to begin:

It’s such a relief, we’ve been so excited and the anticipation has been building and building. I’s great to come out and have a great opener and to finally be racing.


On winning the bronze medal:

I saw the time. I looked up and I saw the three lights on the block so I knew I was third, which I was happy with. But I did want the gold medal and I think a 2.05 is in me, but it wasn’t tonight.”

I saw the time and I gave a little scowl.

On the last person she talked to before the race:

I don’t know about other events, but backstroke seems to be a pretty social event. I don’t know if it’s because a lot of us happen to be native English speakers, so we can all chat pretty comfortably. I don’t know what it is, but we’re all really chatty in the ready room, typically, and I find that kind of settles my nerves.

On the success of the Canadian swimming team:

It’s been so cool to see how well we’ve been swimming. I think we got almost the same amount of medals as Australia, which is outrageous.


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