Day 8: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 8 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 11:34 p.m.

11 2 2 8 12

Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.


Last updated: 11:34 p.m.

Athletics Erin Teschuk 3000m Steeplechase Round 1, Heat 1 16 (Final Rank: 46)
Athletics Maria Bernard 3000m Steeplechase Round 1, Heat 2 13 (Final Rank: 42)
Athletics Geneviève Lalonde 3000m Steeplechase Round 1, Heat 3 4
Athletics Alicia Brown 400m Round 1, Heat 3 5 (Final Rank: 28)
Athletics Kendra Clarke 400m Round 1, Heat 4 6 (FInal Rank: 48)
Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon Long Jump, Group B 3
Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon Javelin Throw, Group B 9
Athletics Brianne Theisen-Eaton Heptathlon 800m, Group B BRONZE
Athletics Carline Muir 400m Round 1, Heat 8 2
Athletics Aaron Brown 100m Round 1, 3 (Final Rank: 31)
Athletics Andre De Grasse 100m Round 1 1
Athletics Akeem Haynes 100m Round 1 6 (Final Rank: 26)
Athletics Shawn Barber Pole Vault Qualification, Group B 3
Athletics Mohammed Ahmed 10000m Final 32
Athletics Brandon McBride 800m Semifinals 2 6 (Final Rank: 14)
Badminton Martin Giuffre Singles Group Play, Group M W 2-1
Badminton Michelle Li Singles Group Play, Group M W 2-0
Beach Volleyball Jamie Broder / Kristina Valjas Women Round of 16 L 0-2
Beach Volleyball Sarah Pavan / Heather Bansley Women Round of 16 W 2-0
Beach Volleyball Chaim Schalk / Ben Saxton Men Round of 16 L 0-2
Cycling – Track Kate O’Brien Keirin Round 1, Heat 3 6
Cycling – Track Kate O’Brien Keirin Repechage Round, Heat 4 1
Cycling – Track Monique Sullivan Keirin Round 1, Heat 1 6
Cycling – Track Monique Sullivan Keirin Repechage Round, Heat 2 5
Cycling – Track Canada Team Pursuit 1st Round, Heat 4 2
Cycling – Track Canada Women’s Team Pursuit Final 3-4 BRONZE
Diving Jennifer Abel 3m Springboard Semifinals 3
Diving Pamela Ware 3m Springboard Semifinals 9
Golf Graham DeLaet Individual Round 3 22
Golf David Hearn Individual Round 3 44
Gymnastics – Trampoline Jason Burnett Individual Qualification 14
Rowing Carling Zeeman Single Sculls Final B 4 (Final Rank: 10)
Rowing Canada Women’s Eight Final A 5
Sailing Erin Rafuse / Dannie Boyd 49er FX Opening Series, Race 4 11
Sailing Erin Rafuse / Dannie Boyd 49er FX Opening Series, Race 5 16
Sailing Erin Rafuse / Dannie Boyd 49er FX Opening Series, Race 6 17
Sailing Luke Ramsay/Nikola Girke Nacra 17 Opening Series, Race 7 18
Sailing Luke Ramsay/Nikola Girke Nacra 17 Opening Series, Race 8 DSQ
Sailing Luke Ramsay/Nikola Girke Nacra 17 Opening Series, Race 9 15 (Fleet Overall: 17)
Sailing Lee Parkhill Laser Opening Series, Race 9 4
Sailing Lee Parkhill Laser Opening Series, Race 10 13 (Fleet overall: 23)
Sailing Tom Ramshaw Finn Opening Series, Race 7 22
Sailing Tom Ramshaw Finn Opening Series, Race 8 20
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 9 10
Sailing Brenda Bowskill Laser Radial Opening Series, Race 10 15 (Fleet Overall: 16)
Swimming Ryan Cochrane 1500m Freestyle Final 6
Swimming Canada Women’s 4 x 100m Medley Relay Final 5
Volleyball Canada Men’s Team Preliminary Round W 3-0


Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.

Sarah PAVAN 

On mentality entering the match:

That team, if they get confident early, they’re hard to stop. We wanted to make our mark quickly in the game, and I think we did that.

Our mentality of the whole tournament is just to play consistent and stick to the gameplan. We did and it worked.

On playing another Canadian team:

It’s unfortunate that we had to meet so early in the draw, neither of us wanted that to happen, but you know once the game starts they just become another opponent that are in our way and all of that disappears.



On the match:

Tough game. Unfortunately not the result we were hoping for, but they did a great job on their block defence that obviously got in the way of a couple of our angles today.


Kristina VALJAS 

On how they’ve grown as a team:

A couple of years ago we didn’t even think we could get to the Olympics. The fact that we’re here and the fact that we finished top 10 in the world, we can’t help but be proud of ourselves. It’s just too bad that today we didn’t play as well as we know we can, and that’s really what it’s all about.

On playing a fellow Canadian team:

I think it’s more fun, because you know in the crowd everyone is cheering for Canada, and it adds a lot more of a mental aspect to the game. It’s already super competitive on tour, but when you want to beat someone in your country, you want to make a statement when doing so. Unfortunately, we did not and still have not, but there’s still time.



On her team’s performance:

We knew we had more and we wanted to go out and clean up the ride and make the most of what we had. So we made a few minor adjustments and just went out and ran with it and we laid it all out there.

We have to be happy with what we did. We did what we could and we have to take satisfaction with that. There is something about the (Olympic) Games atmosphere that brings out the best in people, the fastest equipment. It just all comes together.

Kirsti LAY 

On winning a medal:

I am speechless. To be here with these girls means so much to me, they have taught me so much about this sport and I am so thankful to be here with these four amazing riders. I am just so speechless.

It is just (about) being a part of a team. Stepping on that podium with the girls I am with, I never thought this would be possible. It is so amazing.



On losing in the round of 16:

Obviously we battled as hard as we could. This last game was tough for us. That team got on a role. They were pretty unstoppable once they got going. There’s some learning things. We have to find a way to turn momentum around in that situation, but overall we’ve had a pretty amazing run I think.

We had the toughest pool and we battled super hard to get out of it and we played a really good match to get into the top 10 and I’m proud of the way we fought. It’s pretty amazing.


Nicholas HOAG 

On an emphatic win:

We needed three zero and we got it. It wasn’t the greatest match on our part but we got the job done and that’s the important part. We play Mexico every summer and we know them very well. We know they can be very scrappy and good in defence and that’s what got us through.

On Canada’s results so far:

We were looking to bounce back after two losses. We played amazing against the USA and then OK against Brazil and then bad against France and now we bounce back with Mexico. So it leaves us with Italy. It will be a real brawl. Real hard. They are a good team playing well. If we get that win we are most likely going to make it through the group and that would be huge for us. We have one huge match coming up. We’ll get some rest and get ready.

On what they have achieved so far:

I don’t think it’s enough. The first step was to qualify. We did that. Coming here we wanted to beat a really good team and we did that with the USA.But we want to get more.



On the competition:

Not everything goes your way, not everything goes perfect. I just felt like it was a really off day.

Looking back I couldn’t have done anything better I don’t think. I did my best at everything and ended up with a bronze medal and I think you have to be satisfied with that.


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