Day 9: Team Canada Results at Rio 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016 — RIO DE JANEIRO — Day 9 competition has come to an end. Please find end of day results, quotes and other resources below.


Last updated: 11:02 p.m.


Note: Ranking based on total medals. Click here for overall medal standings.



Last updated: 11:02 p.m.

AthleticsKrista DuCheneWomen’s MarathonFinal35
AthleticsLanni MarchantWomen’s MarathonFinal24
AthleticsDerek DrouinMen’s High JumpQualification, Group B1
AthleticsMike MasonMen’s High JumpQualification, Group A10 (Final Rank: 18)
AthleticsCarline MuirWomen’s 400mSemifinals 2, Heat 25 (Final Rank: 12)
AthleticsAndre De GrasseMen’s 100mSemifinals 2, Heat 22
AthleticsAndre De GrasseMen’s 100mFinalBRONZE
AthleticsNicole SifuentesWomen’s 1500mSemifinals, Heat 27 (Final Rank: 18)
BadmintonMichelle LiWomen’s SinglesGroup Stage, Group ML 1-2
BasketballCanadaWomen’s TeamPreliminary RoundL 60-73
Beach VolleyballSarah Pavan / Heather BansleyWomenQuarterfinalsL 0-2 (Final Rank: 5)
BoxingAriane FortinWomen’s Middleweight (75kg)Round of 16L 1-2
BoxingArthur BiyarslanovMen’s Light Welterweight (64kg)Round of 16L 1-2
Cycling – TrackMonique SullivanWomen’s SprintQualification17
Cycling – TrackMonique SullivanWomen’s Sprint1/16 Finals, Heat 22
Cycling – TrackMonique SullivanWomen’s Sprint1/16 Finals Repechages, Heat 23
Cycling – TrackKate O’BrienWomen’s SprintQualification12
Cycling – TrackKate O’BrienWomen’s Sprint1/16 Finals, Heat 72
Cycling – TrackKate O’BrienWomen’s Sprint1/16 Finals Repechages, Heat 22
DivingJennifer AbelWomen’s 3m SpringboardFinal4
DivingPamela WareWomen’s 3m SpringboardFinal7
Equestrian – JumpingYann CandeleIndividualQualification27
Equestrian – JumpingTiffany FosterIndividualQualification27
Equestrian – JumpingEric LamazeIndividualQualification1
Equestrian – JumpingAmy MillarIndividualQualification1
Equestrian – JumpingCanadaTeam (Open)Qualification3
GolfGraham DeLaetMen’s IndividualFinal Round23 (Final Rank: 20)
GolfDavid HearnMen’s IndividualFinal Round4 (Final Rank: 30)
Gymnastics – ArtisticShallon OlsenWomen’s VaultFinal8
SailingLuke Ramsay/Nikola GirkeNacra 17Opening Series, Race 1012
SailingLuke Ramsay/Nikola GirkeNacra 17Opening Series, Race 1117
SailingLuke Ramsay/Nikola GirkeNacra 17Opening Series, Race 129 (Overall: 15)
SailingTom RamshawFinnOpening Series, Race 920
SailingTom RamshawFinnOpening Series, Race 1020 (Overall: 21)
SailingJacob Saunders/Graeme Saunders470Opening Series, Race 614
SailingJacob Saunders/Graeme Saunders470Opening Series, Race 717 (Overall: 22)
SailingJacob Saunders/Graeme Saunders470Opening Series, Race 8POSTPONED
Synchronised SwimmingJacqueline Simoneau / Karine ThomasDuet Free RoutinePreliminary7



Note: Flash quotes to be updated as they become available.


On the rest of the Canadian team:

These guys are also role models for me and inspirations. I’ve been on the team with them for so long. For me they’re all big brothers. They always have time for me. It’s a key part of this team. I’m like the little one that follows them around all the time.

On changing coach and joining Mark de JONGE’s (CAN) coach Frederic JOBIN (CAN):

He took me under his wing. It was really easy to trust him because there was Mark de Jonge there by my side. Sometimes you need to take a couple of steps back to go forward.

On four-time Olympic medallist Adam van KOEVERDEN (CAN):

I think you can never underestimate Adam van Koeverden. He’s been my biggest inspiration. I remember him in (Athens) 2004, watching him win a medal. He’s one of the reasons I decided I can do this too. He’s such an amazing teammate for the whole team.

On her brother Hugues FOURNEL (CAN) receiving a late call-up to the team after Russia was banned for doping:

It was a crazy two weeks just before we were coming (to Rio). When my brother didn’t make the team it was really upsetting. To have that turn around and living that together it’s really incredible. To see one of your loved ones fulfilling one of his dreams is something very special.


On competing at his third Olympic Games:

It’s my third Olympics but it feels like my first one. I don’t know if it’s the excitement of team Canada.

On becoming a father in October last year to baby Josephine:

We knew, even before she came three months early, that it was going to be an adjustment. She was in hospital for three months.

On his wife, former swimmer Annamay PIERSE (CAN):

My wife was amazing, she said, ‘You’re training for the Olympics, be there when you can.’ But she took over everything and let me get sleep. We’re athletes, we schedule things, we just added a baby to that schedule. She understands what it takes, especially an Olympic year, the extra little things, the extra time you put in.

On whether he will retire after the Rio 2016 Olympic Games:

I would guess it’s my last Olympics but I’m not going to decide.

On being the only canoeist on the Canadian canoe sprint team:

It’s a little disappointing that I’m the only canoeist here for Canada, so I want to make sure we get back on track.

Mark de JONGE 

On coming to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games as world champion:

There’s certainly some expectation, mostly from myself. As world champion the past two years, but mostly focused on getting from the start to the finish in as fast as I can.

On coming to the Games in good form:

It gives me confidence to me that I can do it, but it means nothing unless I can do it on the day. If I can put it all together it’ll be a really good race.

On starting competition late in the Games:

It’s easier to just treat the whole thing as a business trip if you’re not racing until the end. It takes away from the whole Olympics, but I have a couple of days afterwards.

On the years since winning a bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games:

Man, it’s been four years already. It’s kind of like a lifetime away now.

On the Canadian sprint team:

We’re a team of veterans. It’s the same Olympic team we had in 2012, plus a few.

Michelle LI 

On her performance:

I knew that I was making a lot of unforced errors but even so I still tried to fight for every point and bounce back from it.

On what she said to the umpire before shaking hands with her opponent at the end of the match:

When I served she had already moved before I actually hit the shuttle, so she was already at the top of the net. But it’s in the past now.

Sarah PAVAN 


Honestly right now I think they are the team to beat. Everybody on tour has been struggling with them this year. If they play the way they just did, I think they could win it all.

On playing in the Olympic Games:

I’m not going to ever look back on this and have bad memories. Obviously right now it’s disappointing and this is definitely not the way we wanted to finish, but a lot of athletes strive to represent their country in an Olympic Games and we got that opportunity.

I think as Canadians we were able to bring awareness of our sport to Canada and hopefully grow it. As an athlete, if we were able to be a part of that stepping stone for our country, that’s a huge thing for us.

Heather BANSLEY 

On how she felt after the loss:

They are a really strong team and I didn’t play my best today and we weren’t as consistent as we were earlier and throughout the rest of the tournament.

It’s really disappointing to have come out and played like that. I think we needed to have played a lot better and play like how we did earlier in the tournament.

Tamara TATHAM 

On what was Spain’s biggest strength in the game:

They definitely have great shooters. But they definitely also like to play in transition.

They have been playing together for so long and they know where each other is when they drive and kick.

On Canada’s sluggish shooting performance in the defeat by Spain:

We just had an off day, it happens in basketball. Sometimes you hit shots, sometimes you don’t.

We have got to regroup, come back and come into the next game because it’s a must-win.

On the game against France in the quarterfinals on Tuesday:

Hopefully we come out swinging from the beginning.

We have got to commit to make shots and also just the easy baskets and buckets.


On the defeat:

We were right in there with them for a long stretch, until the beginning of the third quarter where they went on the 11-0 run.”

On Canada going through a long stretch of the game without scoring:

We didn’t score for a long stretch and I felt up until then they (Canada) were right in it, and then it was back and forth.

I thought it was unfortunate at the end of the first half, we had a turnover (and) it was NICHOLLS (ESP) that hit the three at the buzzer.

When we were trying to manufacture some points, we weren’t able to do it and they just kind of extended on us.”

The foul trouble hurt us huge. I mean, we couldn’t play who we wanted to play in certain match-ups and line-ups and that took it’s toll.

On whether she sensed anger among the women on court:

Spain is a team that, to quote Kim (GAUCHER, CAN), she said it was one of the last teams that she wants to check off her list in terms of getting a big win against them.”

We were well-prepared, we knew what to expect against them and so I’m sure they’re (Canada’s players) very frustrated. But the good thing being that we’re still moving on to the quarters and it’s our chance to do some pretty special things here.”

It’s going to be important to leave this one behind, and learn and get ready for France.


On the race against winner Usain BOLT (JAM) and silver medallist Justin GATLIN (USA):

Racing the fastest man in the world, ever, and (Justin) GATLIN, these guys are spectacular.

I’m speechless. They’re probably jumping up and down screaming back home in Canada.



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