PyeongChang 2018: Team Canada at the end of Day -1

PYEONGCHANG (January 8, 2018) – Here is what you need to know about Team Canada at the end of Day -1 at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018:

RESULTS: Team Canada’s competition results

COMPETITION SCHEDULE: Team Canada Day-By-Day at PyeongChang 2018



On changing partner at the last minute for the Canadian Olympic trials last month:

“In Canada you can’t play both mixed doubles and team curling in the Olympics. My mixed doubles partner was Rachel HOMAN. She qualified for the Canadian women’s team, so I was very fortunate that Kaitlyn was available because she’s an outstanding curler, and probably number one on a lot of guys’ lists to play with. We played once six or seven years ago, but our first big event together was the mixed doubles at the trials and it was a quick learning curve. Luckily it was a long event because we were struggling out of the gate and we really picked up momentum as we went.”

On how they adapted:

“We only had half an hour to train together before our first game at the trials, but luckily a lot of the training you do for team curling can translate over to mixed doubles. The biggest thing we had to learn about was communication and the tendencies of your teammate, that’s what took a bit of time. But as far as the natural curling, that comes pretty naturally to both of us. It was just those little nuances that are inherent to mixed doubles that we had to adapt to.”

Kaitlyn LAWES

On their last minute partnership:

“The nice thing is that we’ve known each other for years and we have a great mutual respect for each other on the ice, and that’s huge. You have to trust your partner to make the shots that they want to call. We have full confidence for each other on that. The biggest thing for us was just learning what each other needed on the ice and that just came down to being open and honest about that. But it came pretty easy for us.”


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