Rio Chef de Mission Backgrounder

The Chef de Mission’s primary role is to provide overall leadership to the Canadian Team; support and promote the Team by creating an on-site environment for athletes and coaches conducive to achieve optimal performance; encourage and motivate the COC Mission staff, providing needed services to the Team, through creative and innovative leadership thinking; and serve as the spokesperson for the Canadian Team.

1. Represents the Canadian team members and their activities leading up to and at a Major Games;
2. Functions as a member of the Games Planning Team, working closely with the COC’s staff;
3. Selects the Assistant Chef de Mission, in consultation with the COC’s Chief Sport Officer;
4. Participates in the selection process for all mission staff in collaboration with the Assistant Chef de Mission and COC staff;
5. Assists in the training and orientation for the Games Mission Team members;
6. Liaises with various stakeholders, on behalf of the Team, namely: NSFs; athletes; coaches; managers, support team members; Games Organizing Committee; Sport Canada; other multi-sport organizations, High Commission or Consulate office, and other Chefs de Mission from NOCs;
7. Participates as a member of the Issues Management Team dealing with any major issues or crisis situations during the Games;
8. Assists in providing relevant and timely information to team members and Mission Team prior to and during the Games;
9. Represents the Team at Chef de Mission meetings and addresses team concerns with the Organizing Committee;
10. Prepares, in conjunction with COC staff, progress reports and a final report for presentation to the COC Board, Executive Committee and Athletes’ Council as required; and
11. Performs other duties as required and assigned by the CEO throughout the duration of the organization of the Games and of the Team.

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