Team Canada to unveil Opening Ceremony flag bearer(s) and hold opening press conference

BEIJING (February 1, 2022) – Team Canada will be unveiling the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony flag bearer(s) on Wednesday evening. The announcement will be followed by an Opening Press Conference held by the Canadian Olympic Committee.


Wednesday, February 2
7:00pm CST – Flag Bearer(s) Announcement
8:00pm CST – Opening Press Conference


Main Press Center — Beijing
Press Conference Room A

Note for broadcasters:

​​CBC A3L TX (CBCTORTX1-DOME) on Wednesday, 2nd February 2022 from 05:45 AM to 10:00 AM ET approximately 30. PGAD OPEN TO ALL BROADCASTERS.

CBC Olympic Resources can be reached at 416-205-2575.


Flag Bearer(s) Announcement

Catriona Le May Doan – Chef de Mission
Opening Ceremony flag bearer(s)

Opening Press Conference

Tricia Smith – President
David Shoemaker – CEO and Secretary General (virtual)
Eric Myles – Chief Sport Officer
Catriona Le May Doan – Chef de Mission
Dr. Mike Wilkinson – Chief Medical Officer

Note: Spokespeople will be made available for scrums and 1-1 opportunities following the press conference.

Please confirm your attendance by emailing Josh ( 



Josh Su
Beijing 2022 Press Operations Lead
Team Canada
C: +852-6726-3967

Thomas Hall
Communications Lead & Press Secretary
Team Canada
C: +852-6726-3962

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