The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) stands for safe sport that is free of maltreatment of any kind. We all play a role in creating a healthy culture that fosters safe sport practice and offers athletes, coaches and all members of the sport community strong resources in education and reporting.

The presence of maltreatment in sport requires a concerted and systemic effort by a variety of different organizations and governments to come together and identify solutions and clearly define roles and responsibilities. The COC is committed to using its unique role in the sport system in Canada and its network, resources and capacity to do its part to ensure that safe sport is the standard. The health and safety of all who play or work for Team Canada will always remain top priority.

Filing a Complaint Regarding COC Participants

The COC’s Policy Statement on Conduct sets out our expectations for conduct and behaviour that is consistent with the highest standards of behaviour upon which the COC’s reputation rests. Our jurisdiction applies to all COC participants, which include all persons engaged in any paid or volunteer capacity with the COC or otherwise under the jurisdiction of the COC. This includes the following when they are or would be reasonably perceived as representing the COC and involved in COC Activities:

  • COC Directors, officers, members, committee members and volunteers;
  • COC employees, interns and persons under contract with the COC;
  • All athletes eligible for nomination to, or forming part of, any team participating in sport competitions over which COC has jurisdiction; and
  • All persons working with those teams or athletes, including coaches, medical and paramedical personnel, sports federation representatives, and other support persons.

We expect that the employees, contractors and volunteers of the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and all those involved in the Olympic Movement in Canada, conduct themselves with integrity and to the highest standards of conduct, in accordance with the COC and Olympic values. At all times, any person engaged in any paid or volunteer capacity with the COC or otherwise under the jurisdiction of the COC, must behave in a manner that reflects and does not compromise the trust of the COC’s stakeholders and Canadians.

Pursuant to the COC’s Policy Statement on Whistleblowing, individuals may report any concerns they may have about accounting or financial irregularities, any breach or potential or suspected breach of the COC Conduct Policy or of any other prohibited behaviour. To report a concern, you may use the confidential website: or call 1-833-627-0491. Reports made through this reporting system may be reviewed by the COC’s Chair/Vice Chair of the Audit, Finance and Risk Management Committee and/or the Chair/Vice Chair of the Governance and Ethics Committee, as applicable.

Alternatively, individuals can report a concern directly to the independent body appointed by the COC, Rubin Thomlinson LLP by contacting Rubin Thomlinson is a nationally-recognized firm, with extensive experience in conducting workplace reviews and assessments, as well as investigations into complaints of harassment, discrimination and other employee misconduct.

How To File a Complaint Regarding NSOs

Each National Sport Organization has its own complaint procedures. We encourage you to visit the individual NSO’s website for their respective Safe Sport policy.

Alternatively, you can contact Canadian Sport Helpline, a bilingual national toll-free confidential helpline for harassment, abuse and discrimination. The Helpline provides a safe place for victims and witnesses of incidents of harassment, abuse and discrimination in sport to discuss their concerns.

The Canadian Sport Helpline will provide callers with advice on the next steps they can take, as well as direct them to the most appropriate national and local services and resources available to them, including the police, child protection services, existing provincial/territorial helplines, or any other relevant services.

It provides professional listening and referral services by phone and text at 1-888-83-SPORT (77678) and by email at, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET, seven days a week.


Policy Statement on Conduct

Policy Statement on Whistleblowing