Jason Scott



Richmond Gymnastics Association (RGA)

Languages spoken:

French, English

Idols (in sport or other):

Kohei Uchimura

Favourite activities outside of sport:


Sibling(s) Name(s) (date of birth):

Brother: Trevor Scott (05/20/1987) Sister: Chelsey Scott (11/23/1988)

Training Location(s):

Sports Town, Richmond BC


Ferenc Szabo

Senior national athlete since:


Nickname (s):


Favourite movies / TV shows:

Gladiator, Step Brothers, Dark knight, Dexter, Entourage

Favourite quote / motto:

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory…” “If you only ever give 90% in training then you will only ever give 90% when it matters”

It would surprise you to know that I …:

I didn’t start gymnastics till I was 10. Before that I played hockey and baseball for 6 years till a friend introduced me to gymnastics and I loved it ever since I started.

National titles (include event, year):

National Champion in 2008

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2011:

2011 Puerto Rico Cup / Mayaguez, PR
7th All Around/note totale
6th Pommel Horse/cheval arçon
7th High Bars/bar fixe

2011 Canadian Championships / Championnat canadien (Charlottetown, PEI)
6th All Around/note totale
8th Rings/anneaux

2011 Elite Canada / Élite Canada (Mississauga, ON)
6th All Around/note totale
13th Floor/sol
2nd Pommel Horse/cheval arçon
3rd Tie Rings/anneaux
12th Tie Vault/saut de cheval
12th Parallel Bars/barres parallèlles
3rd High Bars/bar fixe

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2010:

2010 Commonwealth Games (Delhi, India)
3rd Men’s Team Event
7th Rings/anneaux
7th Parallel Bars/barres parallèlles
6th High Bars/bar fixe

2010 Canadian Championships (Kamloops, BC)
7th All Around/note totale

2010 Pacific Rim Championships (Melbourne, AUS)
3rd Men’s Team Event
20th All Around/note totale
6th Pommel Horse/cheval arçon
11th Rings/anneaux
13th Tie Parallel Bars/barres parallèlles
8th High Bars/bar fix

2010 Elite Canada/Élite Canada (Gatineau, QC)
5th All Around/note totale Senior
4th Floor/sol
5th Rings/anneaux
5th Parallel Bars/barres parallèlles
4th High Bars/bar fix

Career notes (inc. Top results) in 2009:

2009 Valeri Liukin Invitational (Frisco, TX)
29th All Around/note totale
46th Tie Floor/sol
47th Pommel Horse/cheval arçon
15th Tie Rings/anneaux
35th Tie Vault/saut de cheval
39th Tie Parallel Bars/barres parallèlles
15th Tie High Bars/bar fixe

2009 Canadian Championships/Championnats canadiens (Hamilton, ON)
3rd All Around/note totale – junior
6th Floor/sol – junior
1st Pommel Horse/cheval arçon – junior
3rd Rings/anneaux – junior
6th Rings/anneaux – senior
7th Vault/saut de cheval – junior
7th Parallel Bars/barres parallèles – junior
4th High Bars/bar fix – junior

2009 Elite Canada (Surrey, BC)
7th All Around/note totale – junior
3rd Pommel Horse/cheval arçon – junior
5th Rings/anneaux – junior
2nd tie Parallel Bars/barres parallèlles – junior
6th High Bars/bar fix – junior