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Saul Garcia-Alvarez


Saul Garcia-AlvarezSaul Garcia-Alvarez moved to Canada in 2000 to attend high school. He fell in love with the country and decided to stay for university, enrolling at the University of Victoria. It was when he started rowing in Nanaimo, BC that he dreamed of wearing and defending the maple leaf. Thirteen years later, he received his Canadian citizenship and a chance to make his dream come true.


Getting Started: Started rowing at age 16… There was an announcement at his high school asking students to try out for the rowing team; he thought it would be a good experience… The first afternoon he was chosen to sit in the middle of an eight shell without even having touched an oar before… Being able to do it on the fly meant he was probably pretty good at it… Outside Interests: Earned MBA specialized in Sports Marketing at the University of Victoria… Works for The Tartan Group Communications and PR Agency in Victoria… Enjoys playing soccer; had been a goalie for a couple of pro club farm teams but couldn’t make it to the premier Mexican league… Odds and Ends: Favourite quote: “The body will adapt.” – Mike Spracklen…