Sharon Bowes


Sharon Bowes is one of Canada’s most experienced shooters, having competed in four Olympic Games, four Commonwealth Games, and seven Pan American Games, a streak dating back to Indianapolis 1987. She has won 12 medals at the Commonwealth Games, including five in individual events. That includes the silver won in 1986 when she competed in the men’s 10m air rifle and gold in the 50m rifle 3 positions in 1994. She won gold at her very first Pan Am Games, adding silvers at Winnipeg 1999 and Mar del Plata 1995 as well as bronze at Havana 1991. Her best Olympic result came in her debut at Los Angeles 1984 where she just missed the podium in the 10m air rifle. She went on to finish fifth in the 50m rifle 3 positions at Seoul 1988. A seven-time world championship team member, Bowes has two World Cup medals to her credit, taking silver in 1992 (50m rifle 3 positions) and bronze in 1987 (10m air rifle).


OG: 2000 – 26th (50m rifle 3x), 32nd (10m air rifle); 1992 – 7th (50m rifle 3x), 26th (10m air rifle); 1988 – 5th (50m rifle 3x) 7th (10m air rifle); 1984 – 19th (50m rifle 3x), 4th (10m air rifle)

PAG: 2011 – 13th (50m rifle 3x); 2007 – 5th (50m rifle 3x), 6th (10m air rifle); 2003 – 4th (50m rifle 3x), 6th (10m air rifle); 1999 – 5th (50m rifle 3x), SILVER (10m air rifle); 1995 – SILVER (50m rifle 3x), 7th (10m air rifle), 9th (50m rifle prone); 1991 – 5th (50m rifle 3x), BRONZE (10m air rifle), 6th (50m rifle prone); 1987 – 5th (50m rifle 3x), GOLD (10m air rifle)

CWG: 2002 – 4th (50m rifle 3x), 4th (10m air rifle)

ISSF WCh: 2010 – 123rd (10m air rifle); 2006 – 56th (50m rifle 3x), 93rd (10m air rifle); 2002 – 68th (10m air rifle); 1998 – 45th (10m air rifle); 1994 – 55th (50m rifle 3x), 51st (10m air rifle); 1987 – 8th (10m air rifle); 1985 – 5th (10m air rifle)

CAT: 2014 – 23rd (50m rifle 3x); 2010 – 10th (50m rifle 3x), 10th (10m air rifle), 16th (50m rifle prone); 2001 – 5th (50m rifle 3x), SILVER (10m air rifle), SILVER (50m rifle prone); 1989 – 6th (50m rifle 3x), 4th (10m air rifle); 1985 – 4th (50m rifle 3x), BRONZE (10m air rifle)

Olympic Highlights

Games Sport Event Finish
1984 Los Angeles ShootingAir Rifle 10m - Women4
1984 Los Angeles ShootingRifle 3 Positions 50m - Women19
1988 Seoul ShootingRifle 3 Positions 50m - Women5
1988 Seoul ShootingAir Rifle 10m - Women7
1992 Barcelona ShootingRifle 3 Positions 50m - Women7
1992 Barcelona ShootingAir Rifle 10m - Women26
2000 Sydney ShootingRifle 3 Positions 50m - Women26
2000 Sydney ShootingAir Rifle 10m - Women32