Free T-Shirt Alert: General Mills Helps Paint the Town Red

The next time you’re in the cereal aisle of your local supermarket, look for boxes of General Mills products that feature the word “Free” next to a T-shirt set in bright red. A special PIN code found inside cereals such as Cheerios and Oatmeal Crisp will allow you to Paint The Town Red in anticipation of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

The Canadian Olympic Committee will soon be launching its cross-Canada Paint the Town Red program, which aims to build Olympic spirit leading up to and during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Utilizing enthusiasm and imagination, Paint The Town Red will feature Olympic Torch Relay celebrations, “street teams” onsite at the Olympic Winter Games and soon a web presence that will detail how anyone can help paint their school, business or town red.

General Mills has joined in the effort to create a unique signature T-shirt free that is free to all consumers who buy a specially marked package, and enter a PIN code found inside at this website:. Canadians can proudly wear the red shirt to help build a groundswell of pride and celebration for the 2010 Canadian Olympic Team.

The shirt features autographs of many of those athletes themselves, and they combine to form the image of a maple leaf. Personal information on those who gave their autographs can be found at the above website, as well as here at

Emblazoned on each commemorative T-shirt are the following athletes:

Freestyle skiing

Veronika Bauer (Aerials)

Jackie Brown (Moguls)

Deidra Dionne (Aerials)

Warren Tanner (Moguls)

Sledding sports

Lascelles Brown (Bobsleigh)

Mellissa Hollingsworth (Skeleton)

Michelle Kelly (Skeleton)

Speed skating

Vincent Labrie

Kyle Parrott

Denny Morrison

Short track speed skating

Michael Gilday

Amanda Overland

Ice hockey

Jayna Hefford

Kim St. Pierre

Cross-country skiing

Patrick Côté (biathlon)

David Nighbor


Alexandra Duckworth

Alpine skiing

Jeff Foss


Josh Cassidy (wheelchair athletics)

Margarita Gorbounova (para nordic cross-country skiing)

Summer sports

Massimo Bertocchi (decathlon)

Janine Hanson (rowing)

Carol Huynh (wrestling – 2008 gold medal)

Annie Martin (beach volleyball)

Joshua Riker-Fox (modern pentathlon)

Ben Russell (canoe)