Cross Country Skiers: Quotes From the 2010 Olympic Winter Games


Gordon Jewett, post-race 52nd place,15 km final:

“It was tough out there but that was definitely a breakthrough day for our men’s program. There is no doubt in my mind the other guys on our team will kick it up a gear and will be in a fight for the medals. Tonight we will sit around the dinner table and be proud of what we did today.”

George Grey, post-race 29th place,15 km final:

“The conditions were good but it was tough out there. The crowd definitely was a huge help, they gave me the energy I needed to carry me through the final two kilometres.”

Alex Harvey, post-race 21st place, 15 km final:

“That was my first start at the Olympics so I am now officially an Olympian. I am happy with this result and it was a good prep for me for the 30km. I now can go into that race and not feel like an Olympic rookie.”

Ivan Babikov, post-race 8th place (best ever Canadian male Olympic result for cross- country), 15 km final:

“My legs were tired on the first lap and I didn’t know if I had it in me today today, but the second lap was way better and I fought my way into a top 10 so I have to be happy.”

Madeleine Williams post-race, 51st in 10 km free:

“That was my first Olympic race so I was skiing with a lot more nervous energy than I normally I have. The conditions were great. It was tough out there but the crowd was deafening and I knew they were cheering for me so that gave me some extra energy.”


Stefan Kuhn post-race, sprint classic:

“It was so amazing to be racing in front of all those people cheering for me. I gave it everything I had. Anything can happen in sprint racing and unfortunately I got bumped and wasn’t able to move passed the first round.”

Chandra Crawford, post-race sprint classic:

“It has been a long four years and I’ve been through a lot. To qualify for the heats today was a huge accomplishment. I tried to keep up with the big dogs but came up short. The crowd was amazing and I hope I inspired lots of people to get out and start skiing and living healthier lives.”


Perianne Jones, 54th in 15 km:

“I am really happy with this result. I wasn’t supposed to race this but we decided to as it is good prep for the team relay. It was a really good day for me.”

Madeleine Williams, 42nd place after 15 km:

“That was a really good day for me and I improved 10 places so I have to be happy. It is loud out there and such a thrill to be racing with everyone cheering us on.”

Sara Renner, 10th place, 15 km:

“That was really good out there and I fought for every inch I could. I am really happy with the result.”


Ivan Babikov, 5th place finish, on what he contributes to his success:

“I definitely contribute a lot to the team, to the wax tech team and to Cross Country Canada. They did everything they could to help us race. The crowd was great, with them cheering for us, which was amazing. It definitely helped us significantly.”

Alex Harvey, 30 km pursuit, finished 9th:

“Our teammates, our wax tech team, for our coaches, knowing that the training plan is good these are all important aspects of our program. It was very hot outside and we just did the best we could.”

Devon Kershaw, 30 km pursuit:

“I felt really strong and comfortable in the classic portions and then in the skate for whatever reason I just didn’t have the legs today. I’m personally disappointed but at the same time I’m just so excited for all my teammates who all had career-best days. I wish I was right there with them but at the same time to have three people in the top ten at the Olympic Games at home is just phenomenal.”


Sara Renner, 7th place in the team sprint:

“That was a really solid result. In Nordic racing with every country who has snow and a backyard competing getting to the podium is extremely difficult.”

Devon Kershaw, 4th place in the team sprint:

“This really is amazing. In 2006 we were 11th and I thought that was great. Here we are four years later and fourth. Alex is only 21 years old and is the most talented guy I have seen.”
“The relay is the feature event for cross-country skiing. It is going to be so exciting to race but there is 10 strong teams that can contend and we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

Alex Harvey, 4th place in the team sprint:

“Devon had me second going into final lap and the Norwegians took the pace up the final hill and I didn’t have the jump to go with them. This is an amazing result even though fourth is the hardest place to finish. Our wax techs have been phenomenal for us all week – actually fantastic – I know they are going to have us ready again in the next race and we owe so much to them.”


Devon Kershaw

“We are continuing to close the gap. We were 11th in Torino and now 7th. It is tough now because we are so close to the podium but we have to be very proud of this result. It is our sixth top-10 at the Games.”

Dave Wood, Team General Manager/Coach

“This is a group of guys that really supports each other and that is so important to having success together while travelling for such long periods of time each year.”

Ivan Babikov

“I am happy with the way I skied. It was tough but we gave it everything we had. My legs are feeling good and we have four days to recover for the final race. The Olympics are a long journey.”

George Grey

“I tried to make up as much time as I could. I closed the gap a little but couldn’t catch the pack. The space was too big so I started skiing for position.”

Alex Harvey

“I had the snap today but in the middle of the race they made a move and I couldn’t react to the jump. We have to be happy and I’m looking forward to the 50K.”


Madeleine Williams , post-race, 4×5 km relay

“It was a tough fight out there, I really fought to make up the time. The crowd was great, they cheered their hearts out no matter what place we were in.”

Chandra Crawford, post-race, 4×5 km relay

“The race today was really hard but the relay is so much fun because everyone wants to help each other out and give them someone to chase. It is a great group of girls and I am pleased with my own performance.”

Perianne Jones, post-race, 4×5 km relay

“We are a young bunch, Sarah is the only one who may retire. We’ll be able to work together as a team and move up over the next four years.”


Brian McKeever, on not competing in tomorrow’s 50 km cross country skiing race

“This is a crushing blow right now and tough for me to swallow but I have to respect the decision and I understand it, but I don’t have to be happy with it.”

“I don’t want this to take anything away from what our men’s team have done. They have been racing so well and I think that shows what an accomplishment it was for me to even get here.”

“I took a big jump qualifying for these Games. I have had to overcome a lot of adversity before and I will now switch gears and focus on the Paralympics, and hopefully be back in four years to try this again and get a start.”