COC Congratulates VANOC on its Financial and Sustainability Successes in 2010

As an Olympic year winds down, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) congratulates the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) on its final financial and sustainability reports that were released today.

“Across the nation, Canadians have never been such proud supporters of the Olympic Movement as they are now, thanks to the exceptional work carried out by the Vancouver Organizing Committee,” said Marcel Aubut, COC President. “Canada has set a new standard of excellence in hosting the world at the Olympic Games, and the Canadian Olympic Committee will endeavour to achieve such excellence moving forward. John Furlong and his team have shown us the value of excellence in the face of adversity and the rewards we all may reap with such dedication and resiliency.”

VANOC, a close partner of the COC, was able to execute one of the greatest overall Olympic Winter Games ever. The financial report illustrates that it met the inherently significant challenges effectively, managing to finish in the black amid pressing economic times. The sustainability report demonstrates how the Games were successfully managed with environmental, economic, social and legacy aspects top of mind.

“VANOC leaves behind many positive legacies and its model is sure to be closely studied by Olympic organizing committees well into the future,” said Jean Dupré, COC Chief Executive Officer. “We are already building on the momentum generated by the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Canada in our transition to the London 2012 Olympic Games.”